Why You should Never Underestimate The Power of a Blog

Why You should Never Underestimate The Power of a Blog
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Blogging has been around since the dawn of the Internet. Beginning solely as a personal endeavor, blogs enabled aspiring writers, photographers, and people who loved voicing their opinions to unleash their thoughts and talents upon the world. Quickly, blogging was recognized as a useful tool for business. Venture on to any company website now, and the chances are that they will have a blog. Blogs help to unshackle a company from its corporate ties and give a brand a more human face. The once stuffy, formal facade of a business can be removed to reveal a witty, sarcastic or caring voice.

A blog can revolutionize the appearance and image of a business for the better.

A more meaningful connection between a business and its customers can develop through the sharing of high quality and readable online content.


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Blogs are an easy way to market a business or the products it sells. Companies now utilize the talents of SEO specialists to make sure that their websites achieve a prominent position in the Google rankings by ensuring that their blogs are full of regularly updated, keyword laden content that is shared widely across the Internet.

It is not solely businesses that can utilize the power of the blog. Hospitals, charities, schools, and other academic institutions can set up and use blogs to their advantage. At St Bonaventure University, they have cleverly mastered the art of using their blog to market their courses such as the online leadership masters degree. Each post details the course content as well as its benefits to students and the sorts of people who might consider studying it. This easy form of self promotion saves a great deal of money and is an effective way of driving traffic to the main section of a website.

Testing The Waters

A blog is a brilliant way of getting a feel for the popularity of an opinion, product or service. If you write a new post about a potential product line that you are thinking of bringing to market and you see a sharp spike in traffic with your post being shared multiple times across a variety of social media platforms, you might find that you’re onto a winner. On the other hand, it can save you a lot of money, time and effort if you put a preview of the new product range onto your blog and you don’t see a whiff of interest.


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Blogging is one of the best ways to market your brand, whether this is a business, charity or you as an individual. You have the opportunity to find your voice and interact with people from all over the globe who you’d otherwise never come into contact with.

The power of communication and blogging should never be underestimated. Whatever your motivations are for starting a blog, you will soon be able to reap the benefits. A great blog can see more traffic headed to your website, more leads generated or merely more exposure for you as a creative individual.

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