Why to Trust WordPress For Your Web Projects?

Why to Trust WordPress For Your Web Projects?
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When it was launched in way back 2003, WordPress was considered largely a blogging platform. However, over the years, it has emerged out of the blogging shadow to now become perhaps the most popular CMS platform in the world.

Here you will know Why to Trust WordPress For Your Web Projects?


To understand how big WordPress has grown into, you should definitely look at some data –


  • It captures a whopping 65% of the CMS market


  • Around 25% of the total websites in the world are powered through this platform


  • Some 77 million blog sites are run using this well-known piece of software


  • It recorded a massive over 130 million free downloading of themes in 2015


Quite clearly, we can see how WordPress is now a major platform for non-blogging websites. It’s now among the most extensively used technologies by any top offshore WordPress development company worldwide.

This shows that your business too should benefit from a platform whose usages and popularity are rising at a phenomenal rate. Your business should benefit from the software that is powerful, feature-rich and above all, domain leading.


Benefits of trusting WordPress for web development projects

It’s natural for businesses across industry verticals to get swayed by the CMS platform that is making right noises universally. This is how a whole host of benefits reach to web projects and desired goals are achieved in a timely manner.


Benefits if using WordPress include –


#1    Free & Open Source

WordPress is an open source software application – free to use. It does cost nothing to edit and redistribute, and tis original source codes are a tad easy to find. It does not come with any validity and can be downloaded easily from the official site. All this ensures cost-effectiveness with web project development.


#2    Flexibility to create any type of websites 

WordPress is flexible and versatile to helps businesses get any type of websites with ease. From an e-commerce site to membership ship to blogs to video websites to directory websites to layered websites to custom websites – all is now possible for your business.


#3    Wide-ranging themes and plugins     

WordPress has a wide range of themes and plugins and all of them are available for free. These themes and plugins give businesses an opportunity to enhance their level of functionality and have a positive impact on their overall performance.


#4    SEO-friendly 

WordPress-powered websites and apps are SEO friendly in nature, and this is something even affirmed by Google. Sites designed and developed using this platform easily match the parameters and standards set by major search engines. What’s more, the platform comes packed with many SEO plugins that help websites rank better on search engines.


#5    Easy To Customize

If ease of customization is any criteria of judging a CMS platform upon, then WordPress wins the battle hands down. After all, it lets developers easily customize the design, features and colours of any theme they choose to work with. The best part, no knowledge of coding is required in doing any kind of customization.


#6    Security

Sites developed in WP are completely removed from the risks of hacking or similar malpractices prevalent on the internet. It’s secure because regular updates are made available and this is how security-related risks are countered with effortless ease.


#7   Support of a huge community

And lastly, WordPress is backed by an ever-growing community with users, developers and coders being added to it on a daily basis. When it comes to knowledge and information regarding this platform, nobody faces any problem for sure.


Quite clearly, businesses stand to gain a lot from WordPress development services India and they should trust only experts for their variety of web development projects.



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