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Why Hostinger is the Choice of Millions

Why Hostinger is the Choice of Millions
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No one can deny the importance of a reliable web hosting when it comes to getting constant traffic and lots of conversions. Along with appealing UI designs and web development, web hosting also plays an important role in making a website trustworthy among users.

Therefore, it is crucial you look for a web host that promises to give elite performance and features without burning a hole in your pocket. I know the market is full of so many web hosting options and comparing apples with apples can be very challenging and time-consuming.

Don’t worry, I am going to make it easier for you. Today, I will review a web hosting company that has turned into the talk of the town in the web hosting Industry in a very limited time period.

Yes, you guessed it right, I am talking about Hostinger. Came into existence in 2004, Hostinger is today the champion of cheap hosting. It is a great pick for web users looking for a strong, stable and affordable hosting services at the same time.

So let’s review its features, and get to know whether Hostinger really stands on its claims or not.



Whether you are an amateur blogger or billion dollar company, you would not like to pay for unnecessary hosting features. There are many leading names in hosting industry that charge for hosting add-ons that you probably never use. However, with Hostinger scenario is totally different, it gives your liberty to pay for features you are using.

Hostinger has 3 hosting plans i.e. Single Web Hosting, Premium Web Hosting and Business Web Hosting. Single Web Hosting is a basic package that cost $2.15 for a month. Although it comes with limited features yet people looking to start a simple website or blog can go with this package.

On the contrary, if you are planning to initiate a major business you can buy Business web hosting that will cost you around $7.95 for a month.

Except for basic package, both Premium and Business comes with some amazing features such as Unlimited disk space, bandwidth limit, number of domains etc.

So many features at this price point are really amazing.



In affordable pricing, Hostinger provides a lot of features to its users. Like many leading hosting companies, the company has started using servers that use SSD storage.

In comparison to HDD storage, these servers are more durable and provide more speed and fragmentation

Apart from this, Hostinger provides amazing tools like website builder and auto installer. With the help of auto-installer, you can install various application such as WordPress in a single click.

Coming to the Website Builder, it comes with thousands of free templates you can choose whatever fits your business best.

These templates are easy to use, you can give various effects to your site simply by dragging and dropping of the tools. 



To achieve your marketing goals, it is necessary that your website load and function properly every hour of every day. And it is impossible until your hosting server is giving a great performance constantly.

Uptime can be a great concern for every website, make sure whatever company you choose provides a good uptime.

Hostinger guarantees 99.99% uptime. And to test that I tracked my website’s uptime using a tool named Uptime Robot. I installed it on the website and tracked my website for 30 days. In 30 days of observation, the tool did not track any downtime.

It is great to see 100% uptime from an affordable hosting company. If you are looking to see statics of Hostinger’s Uptime on the real-time basis, click here.


Customer Support

Good customer service is vital in the web hosting industry. As technical issues like email malware, database issues, lost internet connection may occur anytime, you must have 24/7 hours access to the support department.

Hostinger provides 24/7 customer support through the Online Ticketing System and Live Chat system. Although the phone support is missing in Hostinger yet I am impressed with the performance of their customer support.

While using their Live Chat support, I experience very fast response time. It took less than 2 minutes for me to connect with their representative who was attentive, knowledgeable and clear in communication.

Apart from this, users looking for more information related to their technical issues can look for their answers on company’s well-organized knowledge-base.


Hostinger does not compromise on safety. Even its lower-tier subscription plans, you can avail SSL certification. Apart from this, Hostinger provides an additional layer of encryption on your HTTP packets.

Hostinger also provides protection against DDoS attacks through Platinum BitNinja’s DDoS protection.


At last, I would say, Hostinger offers good value hosting along with some amazing features. It is a good option for intermediate users looking for exceptional features at an affordable price. So, choose Hostinger and avoid getting stuck with dreadful hosting companies that offer poor service at a very high price.

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