Why Home icons are necessary for your website!

Why Home icons are necessary for your website!
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Home is the place where the heart is. For human beings, home can be anything else. But these days, home can be just a home icon or button. This button can be placed on your home screen. Home buttons can come in all the shapes and sizes. These buttons play a crucial role to make your website more effective. Most of the people use icons for their homepage as a home button. But, the question which comes into our mind is what is an icon?

An Icon is a software tool that displays on the computer system in order to help the user navigate a computer system. It works as an electronic hyperlink on the system to access the data of your system.

Apart from it, the icon plays an important role in website designing. If someone accesses your website and he finds something useful on the home icon then he will definitely go to the other link of your website.

About Home icon:

Home icon is something that gives a view to the user to start fresh from page one as it displays all the information on your website. The purpose of the home icon is to mark a clear path back to the home page of a website. The user can activate the home icon by using mouse, pointer, finger or voice commands.

While choosing an icon, you need to know about the types of icon. It would be easy for you to select the best home icon for your website. 

We are describing some icons, have a look at these icons:

  • Home shaped icon:

This icon uses an outline for the home page as a symbol of home. It integrates the overall design of your website. By using the different color and styles, you can change the outlines for your home icon. To get the visibility of more users, a site must be focused on the outline of the main product. Google + also uses the home-shaped icon to indicate the home button for their website.

  • Hamburger icon:

This icon is simply represented by three lines as a home icon. It will be located in the upper right corner of the page and is very useful for mobile-friendly website

  • Text only icon:

This icon is used to indicate the home page as a text where it is located and the page will load much faster so, the user does not need to wait for the images to buffer.

  • Home-shaped icon with a text: 

You can remove the confusion of what an icon is for by labeling it. Most of the website designers are using this technique to overcome the uncertainty. By using this icon, you can simply add the outlines and a text “home” for your home page icon. It makes easier to add text to icons. To make your websites more attractive, you can put the text on the icon itself.

Formats for the Home icon:

Home icon is available in many formats such as SVG, CSS, PDF, PNG and in other formats. Unlike other icons format, to improve the visibility of your website, you should use the home icon PNG format. This design format gives the guarantee and consistency in the quality produced. PNG icons are free which can be downloaded easily from other sites.

Why home icon is important:

Making your website navigation to be simple and easy, you need to figure out how you can use the home icon on your website. There are many options which you can use to signify a home button on your websites. It all depends on you which you want to choose for your website.

There are many benefits that home icon provides such as:

  • Get More Traffic: 

To gain more traffic on your websites, you need to use the large size of the icon. So, the user can easily touch it by finger and explore your web page.

  • Show Identity:

The style of an icon on your websites says a lot about your brand. As the styles of icons are endless then there should be matching within your item and the brand you are presenting in front of customers.

  • Easy to get relevant information:

Incorporating icons into your website can make the content more understandable and readable. Using icons on your website supports text and gives the preview to a reader what is to come before reading any content. It acts as an easy reminder. So, the visitors no longer need to go inside the content, they can only understand by seeing the home icons on your websites.

  • Break the text: 

Icons are a great way to break a large amount of text. If a user visits your web page and sees a long amount of text then he will not prefer to read all the entire text but if they find specific icons on the home page then they will surely go through the text, so we can say that an icon attracts the user and helps increase the traffic on your website.

Things to remember before designing an icon:

  • Your icon must communicate the meanings, you need to avoid conflict meaning.
  • An Icon should be simple and schematic, for this, you need to use the highly realistic image.
  • If it is used with labels, it will definitely help the user.
  • Before delivering any icon, it should be tested first. So, you may check your icons are good enough or not for users.


To conclude, we can say that most of the applications are using an icon to make their app more user-friendly.

We suggest that you need to know the purpose of your icon before designing it, so this will help guide the users intuitively through a workflow. If your product is easy to use then definitely it will compel the customers to use it.

We hope this blog is helpful to acquire the relevant information about the home icon.


Author bio:

David Meyer is a senior web developer at CSSChopper:PSD to HTML Conversion Service Provider who holds several years of experience in development and web designing. He has a great knowledge of the home icon. He has a great interest in writing about the websites themes, plugins, home icons, etc. All his write-ups are well-researched and visionary. For designing your website, you may hire  responsive web developer.

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