What your blog needs to stand out from others

What your blog needs to stand out from others
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There are a lot of great reasons to build a blog. It can be used to lend publicity to your business. It can be a way to grow a community around an interest that you’re passionate about. If you’re lucky, you can even monetize it and use it as a way to make some cash. But to do any of that, you need to know how to draw people to it.

You need to make it stand out. Providing that you’re already writing valuable content, here’s how to make sure it has an impact.



The visual style

Yes, blogs are mostly for the delivery of written communication. However, websites are as much as a visual medium as they can be a written one. People will read a lot into the blog as well as the writer when looking as visual design. People don’t want to surf a website that looks amateur or aesthetically clashing. There are a lot of themes and visual design schemes that you can find on the internet. Choose one that fits the kind of blog you’re writing. If you’re using stylised fonts for the title or for post headers, make sure it’s consistent and legible. Besides that, feel free to get creative with the style. You want to stand out, after all.


The voice of your content

A great blog isn’t just about how good the content is, either. It can just as much be about the writer. Or rather, about the voice that Is used in the blog posts. People go to blogs because other people are writing them, after all. Having an engaging, unique voice amongst all the other blogs can be what really makes you stand out. There are some easy ways to try and find your blog voice. You need to think about your ideal reader. Who you would write to if you only had one person to write to. Think about how you would talk to them. What language and tone you would use. Make sure you stay sincere to yourself, as well. Don’t try to adopt another personality, just find the right way to show yours off.


Your community spirit

As a blogger, you don’t want people to just read and forget your content. You want them to stay. You want them to comment. You want a community. Which means you also have to get into the swing of being a part of a community. Not just replying to those who write on your blog posts. Visit others. Share what others do. Get into, or even start, the events that span across the blogging community. Get on social media and be a curator, not just a creator. The more ripples you make, the more people will look at you and your blog as a center of their community.


We hope that you find the points above helpful. Running a great looking blog with a vibrant community is a rewarding way to use your talents and passion. Just don’t rest on your laurels, keep on improving.


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