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What You Need To Know Before Getting Your Next Computer

What You Need To Know Before Getting Your Next Computer
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When you’re looking for a computer to get your business off the ground, you will come to realize that it is no easy task. With so many computers, tablets, and laptops out on the market, you want to know what you’re making the right purchase for you and your needs. Not to mention getting it all at the right price point too. The thing is, though, not all computers are made equal. So unless you’re a computer hardware expert who has time to dedicate to sorting out a few things, then you want to get one with everything ready to go.


So here are some things to think about before getting your next computer for your business. It should help you decide which one to get, as well as helping you to not spend more money than you need to.




Desktop or Laptop?


This is going to be one of the most straightforward decisions. But it will have an impact on the usage of your computer, as well as the cost. If you are looking at two exact specifications, then it is likely that the laptop would be the more expensive one. Even though it is physically smaller, it needs to cram the same amount of hardware in as a desktop would, hence, the premium price. But at the end of the day, it comes down to usage. Will you need your computer on the go or would your smartphone suffice? If you travel a lot, then a laptop might be the better option. If you’re office based, then a desktop would work well.


Think Hard Drives


Having storage for your computer is so important. Where else are you going to store all of those important work files and documents? So you need to check what the hard drive is like for your computer of choice. If it is small, you can get an external hard drive if needs be. But be aware that it is something that you need to think about.




Virus Software


When you’re using a computer for your work, it would be an absolute nightmare if the computer got a bug and then you could no longer access what you need. Plus, what about all of the confidential data you might have stored? So having an anti-virus plan in place is key for any new computer. It could be some software that you buy and upload, or something more high-tech, like QASymphony’s JIRA tools, for example. You’ll want whatever it is to track issues and bugs related to your computer’s software, so having something in place is very important.


What Does It Come With?


You might have checked the RAM, hard drive, and processor type. But what happens if you get it home and it doesn’t have an SD card slot, for example?


You need to check what smaller things it comes with in order to make sure that it is right for you. A photographer is going to need an SD card slot, for example, as are bloggers. USB points is another thing, as well as HDMI slots, headphones, and disc space.

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