What Should I Blog About?

What Should I Blog About?
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The blog is the expression for web log. People use it for discussion, to publish their knowing, their points of interest.

The content of blogs are usually known as posts. Up to 2009 blogs were permitted for personal use. Now it has flourished its length in all directions. Many people earn from this blog. It is simple and easy. Many people have interest to start this job. But they don’t know what topic they should start with.

Our article is for those people to clear their confusion. I will discuss here what should I blog about.

One important thing should discuss before the main topic. Once you named your blog you can’t change it. So, have a plan before you start. Once you start a topic, you have to be in it. If you change the topic, within the blog, you will lose your traffic. Now, what you should blog with. Of course it would depend on your target. Are you going to make it for making money or, just for sharing your knowledge? Think yourself. If it’s a noncommercial blog try to select those topics on which you have much knowledge. Then it wouldn’t be much problem for you to discuss.

No, if your target is visited, then you had to choose some visitor friendly topics. Now a day, some hot topics are health, cars, phones, technology etc. You can have a small research on traffic friendly topic. Once you have selected, then make a plan. Like how many posts you are going to make per day, what would be your keywords etc. But if you run without having a definite plan, it would be a waste of time. Your ultimate result would be zero.

In both the cases, your knowledge is must. If you think you will copy other’s writing that would be a great mistake. Google wouldn’t refer any single visitor to this type of activity. So, be very careful about what you are going to blog about. Your passion on any subject could bring a good result for you. So, start with what you feel comfortable.

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