What is social media?

What is social media?
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Perhaps, you have heard about social media just about everywhere you have gone.

If you ask the different people about social media, then they will tell you a different answer. Sometimes, it may be difficult to answer the question of what is social media.

I have read more than 20 articles about the social media. The definitions are difference from one to each other, but the main theme is about same. Now I will share you about, “What is social media?”.

                       What is social media?

   Social media basically is a kind of online media spaces where peoples are talking, sharing, networking, participating and bookmarking online. So, social media may be a social academy for communication.

If you want to increase your business or any kinds of publishing, then social media sites will help you to increase rapidly. I think that you have got your answer. Now I will describe about social media site. To give you a basic idea about the social media, here is the some example to help you get started.

  • Social BookmarkingDeliciousBlink list is the popular social bookmarking site where anyone can use these sites to organize the bookmarks. The book marked topics can be an image, a blog post, a video or any kinds of webpage.


  • Social Networking. It is an online community place that allows everybody to create his own profile, add friends, share ideas and communicate with others. At present, Face Book is the most popular and visited social networking website in the world.  It allows the member to reconnect and stay with classmates, family, friends and colleagues. Hi5 and Last. Fm is another social networking site.


  • Social NewsDiggReddit and propeller is the popular social news site where anyone can vote for the article and comment on them. Digg has a section for videos and images.


  • Social photo and video sharingYou tube is the most popular video- sharing service where anyone can upload video, edit video and share to others. It is the world largest and third most visited website. Flickr is popular as photo-sharing site.


  • WikisWikipedia and Wikia are popular for adding new articles and editing existing articles.


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