What is freelancing and what is freelancer?

What is freelancing and what is freelancer?
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I have read many articles about these topics and understood clearly it from many blogger’s idea.

Here, I will share my biggest idea about what is freelancing and what is freelancer.


                          What is freelancing?


Basically, Freelancing is one of the fastest, lowest and easiest cost ways to start tasking for yourself. Some multiple websites provide an Online market place where employer’s post wok and freelancer’s bid on completing the work which is often very competitive. At present, there are many people’s work in the field of freelancing. Top most reason are given bellow:

                      1.Freelancers can work with the convenience of their own schedule.

                      2. They can work at home.

                      3.They don’t have any boss over of them.

                     4. Students can work with their study.

This is the some reason why the people like freelancing. In addition this, you will find many reason why the people like it.


                               What is freelancer?


A freelancer is a person who works usually for many clients over the course of a year. Freelancers can task part-time or full time. Because they are free for their own work. They also can work for the many clients. This is short definition for the beginners.

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