What is bitcoin and how to earn bitcoins free

What is bitcoin and how to earn bitcoins free
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Earning bitcoin is one of the ways to increase the monthly income. Earning bitcoins have become easier that ever before with tons of bitcoin earning companies launched to make bitcoins in different ways.

To earn bitcoin there are tons of simpler methods available on the internet. I will explain the few best ways to earn bitcoins without paying any money.


What is bitcoin:


The bitcoin is a cryptocurrency equivalent to few hundred dollars. The value of the bitcoin is volatile and its value is controlled based on the market. The bitcoin is not controlled by any government. So, holding even million worth bitcoin with you will not be considered as illegal. As an online money makers, earning bitcoins will help us to increase the overall income and save money.


How to earn bitcoins for free:


Unlike earning USD, there are a lot of ways available to earn bitcoins in simple ways. Also, since bitcoin is not controlled by anyone, you must be careful before working on a bitcoin-paying company. These are few easiest ways to earn bitcoins which include bitcoin mining, bitcoin faucets, bitcoin PTC etc. Continue to read about earning bitcoins for free in detail.


  1. Bitcoin faucets:


The bitcoin faucets are the best one to earn free bitcoins. The bitcoin faucets pay bitcoin just for visiting their site every few minutes. The bitcoin faucet is a website with useful information about bitcoins and it will have some online advertising to generate income. When a member visits the bitcoins faucet, they can view the website and earn bitcoin by solving the captcha.


The bitcoin faucets are prone to the brutal attack. So, in order to prevent the entry of the bots, the bitcoin faucet will ask to fill a captcha every time when you visit their page. Each time when you claim bitcoins it will be stored on the account and it can be withdrawn to the bitcoin wallet anytime. Few bitcoin faucets pay through micro wallet which acts as a bitcoin storage before it can be withdrawn to the main wallet.


Here are some of the best bitcoin faucets.


  1. Bitcoin mining:


The bitcoin mining is the simplest ways to earn bitcoin. But due to increased mining activities recently, the profit for the miners has declined gradually. Bitcoin mining is the process of confirming the bitcoin transaction of a block.


The bitcoin mining was previously done by using the traditional computers. But now it is impossible to do bitcoin using computers instead special bitcoin mining hardware are used to mine bitcoins. The bitcoin mining software and bitcoin mining pools help us to mine bitcoins as a group. The mined bitcoin will be shared to the pool’s members. Recently, bitcoin cloud mining has been introduced which helps the bitcoin earners to earn bitcoin even without mining hardware. You can mine bitcoin to make bitcoins.


  1. Bitcoin PTC:


The bitcoin PTC sites allow its members to earn bitcoins by watching the web pages of the advertisers. The bitcoin PTC sites is a connection between the customers and the advertisers. The advertisers advertise on the bitcoin PTC sites to expose their products and services to the potential customers. When the customers visit the website it the advertisers, there are chances to generate lead or sales for their business.


So, both the advertisers and the customers get benefits from the bitcoin PTC sites. The advertisers get targeted lead and sales, the customers/members of the PTC sites earn money and the bitcoin PTC sites will get the connection fees.


The bitcoin PTC sites are the great place to earn bitcoin for free in the simplest way.


These are the three best and simplest ways to earn bitcoins using PC from home.


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