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What is a VPN and how should I use it

What is a VPN and how should I use it
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There is a lot of talk about internet privacy these days. It seems, no matter what kind of a service we are using or regardless of how protected a website may be, there is always a reason to be concerned. Simply put, our data is a valuable resource. Having this in mind, it is no wonder that companies are prepared to take that data and use it for their own goals.


                Due to this, number of companies providing internet security has increased over time. Besides antivirus and malware protection (which are already standard forms of internet protection), we have seen an increase in number of VPN users.


                So, what is VPN you might be asking?


VPN is an acronym which stands for virtual private network. As its name implies, this is a private network, completely outside the public one. When you use it, you are effectively creating a tunnel between yourself and end server.


                There are several benefits when using VPN:


  • Security – It completely disables outside interference
  • Confidentiality – If an attacker was ever to try and interfere with you, he would only see encrypted data
  • Ability to change the address – When using a VPN, you are able to place yourself in a different spot. So, instead of looking as if you are in US, it might look as if you arebased in Russia

Based on this, it is obvious that by using a VPN network, you are able to have much more privacy and security. It is a great way to protect yourself from different intrusions which is a realistic danger nowadays.

These networks are a great solution for teams that are geographically separated. It allows them to be placed within same virtual space. On top of it, it allows additional protection for any wireless transaction. By using it, you are able to ensure complete anonymity and privacy of your messages.

Another important thing that needs to be mentioned is the ability to change your geographic placement. This is especially important for people who wish to avoid any restrictions imposed by the host country. Occasionally, VPN represents a necessity if your work is connected to a particular website and you are unable to access it from a public network.

Lastly, this is an excellent way to circumvent any censorship. A lot of content all across the world is banned due to various cultural or political reasons. VPN gives you a swift and effective solution to your problems.


Things to look out for when getting a VPN


Getting a VPN is a pretty simple task. It comes in a form of an application and they are usually very easy to setup. Most of them have a really nice and simple interface allowing you to use it without any prior knowledge.

Another thing that needs to be discussed is the price. There are a lot of free VPNs out there. Even if you choose a paid option, most of them cost less than 10 $ per month which is really acceptable. However, it has to be noted that paid versions are usually a bit better. Although free ones are a nice solution, you might encounter issues such as incredible amount of ads, low speed or traffic etc.

Here are some tips that will help you find the best VPN service:

  • Price is a factor, but it is not detrimental – As we previously said, there is a little difference whether you pay couple of dollars per month or you get a free VPN. This is not something that you should prioritize
  • Traffic – There is a lot of VPNs with limited traffic (especially the free ones). Make sure to check this beforehand
  • Avoid excessive ads – Again, some free versions are littered with ads
  • Bandwidth selling – This is a practice which occasionally happens. Stay on guard for such VPN companies and avoid them at all costs
  • Countries available – When choosing a VPN, another thing that needs to be considered is available geo-locations. Regardless of your decision, have in mind that each country has certain restriction. If you are using a provider with a lot of different countries, you are able to experiment a bit and find a country that suits you.
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