Popular Web 2.0 sites to get instant backlinks to your blog

Popular Web 2.0 sites to get instant backlinks to your blog
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Traffic generation using social media and web 2.0 sites is very common now. Link building post penguin is all about quality. The traditional link building methods like article submission and many others are time consuming.


In this article we are going to focus on link building which can be approved instantly.


There are hundreds of other blog posts that feature 100 ways to get backlinks. They all require a lot of effort. That’s why we have created this list.


About.me –

Provides information about websites, including Top Sites. It also gives internet Traffic Stats and Metrics.

Alexa –

Create a free page in minutes with no coding required. Makes it easy for people to learn about you and find your content.

Ask.fm –

It has option of anonymity. It is a social networking website where users can ask other users questions.

Blogger (BlogSpot) –

It is famous for sharing text, photos and video. It is a free weblog publishing tool from Google.


BizSugar’s community is well established. Here you can share small blog posts , business news and information.


Here anyone can edit. It is the free database of technology companies.

Digital Point

It includes optimization and other technical aspects including tools. Discussion related to search engines is found here. Here you can start by asking for a review of your blog.


It’s a knowledge-sharing community. It is also a powerful research tool.


It is famous among online communities that use a networked platform. It is a blog comment hosting service for websites.


It connects people with friends and others. Its popularity has no doubt. Till now it is the largest social network.


It offers a way for you and your friends and family to tell stories about them. It helps you to organize that huge mass of photos.

Google+ Business

it is an organization with a public identity. Google+ pages provide businesses, products and brands.


It’s an image that represents you online. It is a Globally Recognized Avatar.


These are the easiest way to build backlinks to your website. Backlinks won’t hurt as long as they’re created naturally. So start your one today and get instant backlink to increase blog traffic.


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