Ways to Get Your Hands on Some Fast Cash

Ways to Get Your Hands on Some Fast Cash
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Money is one of those things that everyone needs and most don’t have enough of. Even if you consider yourself to be financially responsible and earn a sizable income, there’s always something that comes up that you don’t have the funds for. Things like the kids outgrowing their school clothes, the car breaking down, or a spike in gas prices can max out a budget and leave you scrambling for a solution. Hence we discussed some ideas that can help you get fast cash for sure.

Luckily, modern times have made it easier to get fast cash to cover the cost of those unforeseen circumstances.

Your Rainy Day Fund

Have you been setting aside money for times like these? If your financial problem is significant, and can’t wait for you to secure funds through another avenue, dipping into your savings account is the quickest solution. Be sure to only withdraw what is needed and to set up a plan to add those funds back as soon as possible. Whether you add an additional $5 or $20 to your existing savings plan, it will help to put the balance back quicker so you can use those funds in the future if you need them.

People You Know

When you’re in a tight jam it can be common to look to people you know for help. Asking your parents, family members, or friends for a small loan to tide you over for a while is another way to get some fast cash. A lot more lenient than banks, most will lend you the money without asking for interest. They will also give you ample time to repay the loan. Though your family won’t tack on penalties or interest, repaying a loan to people you know is just as important as any other loan. Failure to do so could put them in a tough financial situation and prevent them from wanting you to borrow the money in the future.

Cash Advance Loan

If you’re unable to get the funds from your emergency savings and the people you know are also dealing with tough financial times, your next option would be to borrow the funds. Short-term loans from online lenders are often a lot easier to apply for and can be deposited into your account within one business day. To qualifying borrowers, most cash loan providers offer flexible repayment plans.Advance loans can be approved for as much as $1250 which could go a long way to solving your problem.

Sell Your Mobile Phone

With a new version of smartphones coming out every year, most people end up recycling their old ones fairly quickly. If you want to get your hands on some quick cash, you should collect all your old mobile phones and sell them. There are service providers as well as mobile phone recycle kiosks you can visit. They will analyze the condition of your phone and make you an offer. You receive cash in hand the same day.

Have a Yard Sale

Do you have a lot of things around the house that are just collecting dust? If so, you can host a yard sale and kill two birds with one stone. You can get your hands on some fast cash and get rid of the junk in your home. Yard sales are easy to advertise for – especially if you’re active on social media. You could easily get hundreds of visitors to buy your things and make some decent cash on the spot. If yard sales aren’t your thing, you can still sell your things online through auction sites or apps exclusively for selling old items in your neighborhood. Take a few pictures and allow buyers to make an offer. Then you set up a day and time to ship or meet to exchange the product for cash.

Get a Side Hustle

It’s always best to have more than one revenue stream and starting a side hustle is just the way to do this. Whether you design websites, become a blog commenter, start your own blog, work customer service from home, or manage social media sites, you could easily make a decent amount of cash on a part-time basis.

Things come up in life that you didn’t plan for. Whether it’s something minor like not having enough money for lunch for the week or something more serious like a car or home repair, you can get cash in your hands within a few days.  The more of these ideas you try, the better prepared you’ll be for now and in the future. You can borrow money, sell things you have around the house, and start a side hustle to capitalize and build a rainy day fund that will cover similar problems in the future.

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