Ways to Attract Customers to your Retail Store

Ways to Attract Customers to your Retail Store
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The rise of the internet and online shopping has made it increasingly difficult for physical stores to get the foot fall they need for big profits.

Although, don’t be disheartened just yet as there are some tricks of the trade you can use to drive traffic through to your retail store.

Take a Step Back

The first thing you need to do is go outside and take a step back from your store. Put yourself in the consumers shoes, would you want to go into this store? What is there to draw you in? Sometimes you can be so involved with your store you fail to see it’s faults.

Clean It Up

Retail stores are all about customer experience, and it must be a positive one. It needs to be memorable and you don’t want to be remembered for the wrong things. Imagine you’re a consumer walking past your store, would you come in if the windows were dirty or the paint was peeling away around the window frames?

Consumers are there to spend their hard earned money, they won’t want to do that in a messy and unclean environment. Not only that, it looks unprofessional and the likelihood of getting a returning customer is next to none.

Remember, the outside of your store is a massive contributing factor to how your business is seen by others.

Stand Out

A unique and compelling window display will attract attention and get heads turning. It’s best to decide on a theme that fits with your business so that it’s not only enticing but also relevant. You’ll need a focal point so that you can arrange your products around this in an organised manner.

Balance, simplicity and the correct lighting is key to a good window display.

Retailers need to offer consumers a unique experience if they want footfall. Props haven became a big part part of this unique experience as they work particularly well in terms of attracting attention and also work well when there is a new product launch. Many retailers like to make a giant prop of their products or replicas of characters that are associated with their brand to bring in footfall.

Don’t be Afraid to Add Curbside Appeal

Even if you do everything right, it can still be hard to catch attention of those walking past. Adding a sign to the curbside can be extremely helpful at getting people to notice your store. Business’s have got creative in recent years with making their curbside signs stop traffic in their steps.

For example, a small independent coffee shop wrote ‘if we wrote your name on our cups we’d spell it right’ on their curbside sign. That sign made it onto the internet, exposing the retail store much further than foot traffic.


Enhance your Online Presence

You’re probably wondering how enhancing your online presence affects your footfall? Like it or not, this is where the majority of consumers spend their time and money now. Instead of fighting it, use it to your advantage.

You’ll need an ecommerce presence, a website that displays your products. Even if you don’t generate a sale, you’ve generated interest. There are many ‘online window shoppers’ who prefer to browse online. Many of these will prefer to see the product in person before they buy and this will generate you foot traffic.

Offer Click and Collect

Another way to make the most of online consumers is click and collect. The downfall to ordering online is the price of postage and the length of time you have to wait to receive your item. Click and collect is the best of both worlds.

Not only will you get a customer to your physical store, this can also increase your sales in the process as they may see something else they like while they’re there. Either way, they like your products and they’re now aware of where your physical store is located.

Just because the internet has made it harder to attract footfall, it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. You will need to change your strategy a little and adopt some new tactics. The internet is not your enemy, use it to your advantage.

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