Top 5 Ranking Signals That Really Matters 2022

Top 5 Ranking Signals That Really Matters 2022
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The Google algorithm is adjusted almost every year by the Google team with small yet effective adjustments and corrections. You need to know that if you have a better idea about the important ranking factors; it can certainly determine your online success rates and failure quite easily. What do you think can help you know about the best ranking factors you should know without having to crawl and read millions of data points?

According to an analysis made by a reputed SEO services provider, the ranking factor 2.0 has been found successful in supplying information regarding data. Analyzing the data and understanding it in depth can certainly help you gain knowledge regarding the adjustment strategy making you need for digital marketing and what changes you can make to help enhance your degree of visibility.

Here are top 5 ranking signals listed that will help you get optimized. Let’s begin:

  1. Gaining Site Traffic Easily:

You gain direct traffic when the users type your website details or URL or access your website that has been saved as a bookmark. It puts a great emphasis on the top 10 positioning on the Google search engine. When you look at the Google analytics of your website, the direct traffic will appear with the name “Direct”. The other traffic you get includes referral, organic search, social, and other.

How can you boost your direct traffic?

If you ask about the best effective way of increasing direct traffic, the answer is a potentially smooth user-experience. Users like to visit a website that is smooth, easy to navigate and answer their questions easily where they don’t have to work that hard to know their answers. This way, the users will revisit the site many times to get their answers. When you see users visiting your site regularly, you know that you have solid traffic.

After that, you need to generate your brand awareness campaigns. Although these campaigns do not benefit you a lot and have a low return on the investment, you can realize their value when you see direct traffic generated in your site. This way, you tend to increase your organic traffic easily. You can take the help of social media platforms to get the work done such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, and Facebook, etc.

  1. Time Duration a Visitor Spends on Your Site:

When you have your potential audience checked for your site, you will want to keep them engaged for as long as possible, for sure! The duration your visitor spends on your site is yet another big ranking signal that the Google algorithms keep analyzing from time to time, and you should also keep a check on them as well.

Why do you think time plays a vital role here? Google wants to analyze that whether the information available on your webpage is informational and helpful for the visitors.

How to boost the time duration on your website?

  • You can generate an engaging introduction that will keep the users on the page for a long time.
  • Break the big paragraphs and make the content interesting for the users because no one would like to read big lengthy and boring content.
  • Try to add numerous bullet points and subheadings to make the content engaging.
  • Try making your website mobile – friendly.
  1. Bounce Rate is Another Highly Important Ranking Signal:

When you talk about the bounce rate and its importance, it is explained as the rate of visitors who go back after visiting only the first page. The percentage of bounce rate should be measured against the time spent by the visitors on page and pages in one session. If the stars form a line for all the three, you will see that a boost is shown in the website ranking.

The percentage of the visitors who view only the single page is known as your website’s bounce rate. If you have a high bounce rate, it informs Google that users and visitors are not happy visiting your site and Google gets you down in the search engine rankings, ultimately.

How can you decrease your site’s bounce rate?

  • The best way to keep your bounce rates low is if you link your site to different relevant pages in your content page. This way, you can keep your users engaged in your site for a long time.
  • You need to generate supportive pages that will add value to your content. You can add relevant pages such as that of the similar products, manuals, guides, reviews, and case studies, etc.
  1. Referring Domains Play a Vital Role:

The rate of referring domains that locate to your website through back links indicate towards an excellent ranking signal in 2018. For example, if you have any idea about the top link in Google’s search results, you might also know that it has double the referring domains as compared to the content positioned in the number 10 place.

When you ask what a referring domain is, it is the number of websites that are vouching for your website’s quality and recognition along with the content available or the products and services offered by you. You can choose to have numerous backlinks from just one referring domain, and you need a mix of referring domains that point towards your site, such as high and medium authority websites.

How can you boost the number of domains?

When you are planning to build your SEO link strategy, you need to get more referring domains working on your site. The best effective way to generate your link portfolio is by creating the best-quality content that you can share it.

  1. Developing the Content:

The best ranking signals that influence mostly in 2018 point towards developing the content effectively. Everything from enhancing the direct traffic to enhancing the user interaction in association with the website, content plays the key role.

How to create excellent contents?

  • Developing best – quality content is vital, and you need to follow the basic requirements to create a powerful and effective content that will help increase the Google ranking.
  • If you create engaging content, it will keep your ranks higher for a long time, and you keep scoring high for it till the users find it helpful.


When you improve on all the points mentioned above, you get a chance to rank high in the search engines. Following everything from providing quality content, enhancing the key analytics, enhancing the direct traffic, and building an excellent link portfolio, you can improve your ranking wisely.

Author Bio: Manish Kumar is a digital marketer and blogger. Presently he is working as content marketing head of an SEO Services provider – Tangensys.

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