Tips To A Happy And Healthier Workplace

Tips To A Happy And Healthier Workplace
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A happy employee is more likely to stick to your company much longer than an unhappy one. Employee happiness is one of the determining factors for retention, a consideration every employer needs to take seriously. A long-term and satisfied employee is far too valuable and an invaluable source of historical, product, and organization knowledge. Creating a happy, healthier workplace is not only motivating but also a source of inspiration for employees – this increases their productivity significantly.

Although most business managers and leaders understand this, very few of them strive to cultivate a healthy and happy workplace for their employees. Unknown to them, many of the Baby Boomers in the industry today will soon be exiting the workplace, a  reason one needs to ensure his/her employee retention is high before the end of the decade.

The only way to protect your company from employee shortage is if you create a healthier workplace for them. So, what does it take to make the workplace a happy one?

5 Ways To Help You Retain The Best Employees

  1. Empowering Employees Make Healthier Workplace

Refrain from micromanaging your employees, but rather empower them to do what they love. According to research, letting employees learn from their mistakes makes them more confident and capable, hence a more efficient workforce. Let the employees enjoy flexibility with their work hours, break time, and vacation. This makes them more comfortable and even feel empowered hence an honest work relationship.

  1. Lend them your Ear

Proper communication is essential in every relationship.   This applies to work relationships as well.  Employees will want to air their views, complains, and even recommendations to someone who listens to them.  Listening to your employees makes them feel heard and seen, and especially when this is fforthe company executives, managers, and direct supervisors. Having a casual conversation with random employees during tea or lunch break helps break the barrier, which again makes it easy for them to air their views or complaints.

  1. Learn to Appreciate

According to this psychiatrist, showing appreciation even for the smallest achievements by employees can be a great motivator for most of them. Taking note of a job well done, and recognizing, praising, and appreciating their hard work is recommended as well.  Create career growth opportunities, on-the-job training, and continued education will not only yield in a more knowledgeable, qualified and motivated employee pool but happy ones as well.

  1. Be Clear About Individual and Company Goals

Learn to give clear guidelines on what needs to be done every day. A satisfied employee will know what is required of them over time thus increasing his/her productivity. Giving unclear instructions can, however, lead to less motivated, insecure, and edgy employees. The goals should also be defined every day to ensure everyone understands them well. As mentioned earlier, proper communication is vital in every relationship.

  1. Support

We have all heard of the popular mantra that ‘the customer is always right.’ While this might be right, you shouldn’t focus too much on keeping the customers satisfied while overlooking your staff’s happiness. The employees need to feel supported to work efficiently and thoroughly. An unhappy employee may translate to dissatisfied customers.


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