The Secret Revealed: How To Make Money From Apps

The Secret Revealed: How To Make Money From Apps
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Methods, models, secrets & techniques fall in the same line when you are all set to launch your very-innovative mobile app on the market. But, the approach is not as simple as it seems. There are apt ways to rank your app top on the list. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to make money from apps from a person or place who are expert in it.

The absolute secrets are capable enough to bring not only the visibility but also the recognition to your application. Let’s have a roundup of all these secrets.

Opting for Freemium Model

Freemium technique is the way of making only a piece of content, service, and product available for the users. The complete access to the services is provided after the users sign up for the paid services. The popular Clash of Clans is an example of the freemium model. While users may play the game without spending any money, the app provides additional offerings to impatient gamers by offering small purchases that help them to progress in the game at a faster pace. These small purchases add up rapidly to the return on investment model from where the app development company or entrepreneur can make the money.

In-app Purchase

In-app purchase is typically used with the freemium model. The approach is all about providing additional in-app features to the users. These add-on features are not available for the common users. Gaming apps generally opt for this method, which helps them earn additional money from the application. With gaming, it is important to place the right offer for the right player in order to gain maximum profit from each player. Instead of opting for thousands of ads at every level in the game, display purchases that a gamer is most likely to go for. This aids in improving the sales cycle.

Subscription Based Sales

The method most commonly suits to the brands that offer quality in their products and services. With subscription-based sales users are given access to a limited feature or the app content. The users need to opt for subscription in order to get unlimited access to the services. Subscription models generally suit to the apps that are content based. Online magazines most commonly opt for subscription-based sales. Spotify, the music streaming app also used this model to gain quick profit. Subscription-based offer provides users with additional features like exclusive content, ad-free music, and sharing playlist with other users.


Crowdfunding is comparatively new among the methods listed here. The model has a number of benefits that app developers can have by opting for this method. To opt for this model, the developers need to present their idea on popular platforms like AppsFunder and CrowdFunder in order to get a donation to fund the development of the app. The app gets the fund for all the development and promotional requirements from the app funder. Game-based apps are more successful with crowdfunding.

Wrap Up

As an app developer, your app needs to compete with a number of applications which makes it important to opt for a specific strategy. Additionally, it is important to offer value to the users in order to make your reputation among a list of other popular applications. Choose any of the above-mentioned techniques to increase the revenue on your app.

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