The Power of the Press Release

The Power of the Press Release
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Press Releases are truly a wonderful thing. They serve so many different purposes. Sometimes a press release will get your name out in the mainstream media (only if you have something actually newsworthy). Sometimes they will allow your business to be visible in more niche, industry specific publications. Failing those two, they add immense SEO value for your business.

A press release is basically a document that contains something newsworthy (or at least appears to be newsworthy). This could be a company announcement, a new product range, or a change in management to name a few examples.

Basically, something that may interest someone. But how can you use a press release to really add value to your online business? Through clever distribution, you can get your press release onto high-quality news sites, as well as other smaller (but still very reputable) regional news websites. The quality of the text should be excellent, such as it is written on 

Why Use a Press Release?

Well for starters it is going to show up when people search for your brand. Because you are writing them yourself, you can paint whatever picture you want (I’m not suggesting you become a doctor of spin though), and add value to your business. Although the typical life of a press release is 2-4 weeks, it will remain indexed (and available) in Google and other search engines. So if someone is looking for your business, chances are your news article will appear.

A slightly more important feature of press releases is linked. Wonderful inbound links for your site. When you create a press release you are choosing the content, and because of this, you can choose the exact anchor text you are using for your links. This gives you incredible power to help increase your rankings for the keywords or phrases you want. 

Links, Links and More Links

We all know the core focus of SEO is building high-quality links to your site. Although this model is always changing, and now encompasses social media and other new online elements, the basic principle remains untouched. The more links to your site, the more your site can be trusted, the higher Google ranks you. That is, in one sentence, the purpose of SEO.

The trick is building high-quality links. For a lot of sites (especially eCommerce sites), there is often no real carrot to dangle to get these links from other sites. This usually means that directory listings, blog comments are the main component of your arsenal, which although helpful, aren’t the high-quality links that will really help your business. Enter press releases. On average, a press release will be published/re-published on about 100 sites. In a 500-word press release, you might have 5 links to your site with very specific anchor text. That’s 500 links to your website from high-quality news and media websites. Try and find any other way to get that many high-quality links in one sitting. Can’t be done. 

Whoa, they sound amazing

They are. It is hugely important for your business to write and submit press releases regularly. Submitting press releases every 2 weeks will allow your business to receive coverage in Google and increased inbound links to your site from trusted sources. Sowhatareyouwaitingfor?

Author bio: Necole Hardison, writer, and

Necole graduated Harvard Business School and studied many executive education programs. She is a business strategic expert by day and essay writing fanatic by night, writing all sorts of great content. Necole already helped a lot of people with an essay writing and does not plan to dwell on it.

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