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The Easiest Way To Clean Up Your Facebook Page By Simple Wash

The Easiest Way To Clean Up Your Facebook Page By Simple Wash
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Have you ever freaked out as a result of your boss friend requested you and they might find massages you have got hidden?

Read this article if you want to keet page from unwanted hazards and Clean Up Your Facebook Page.

Due to the simple wash app (formerly face wash), you will be able to currently simply purge previous Facebook page posts.

Simple wash is designed for simplicity; the program scans user’s pages and appears for potentially damming keywords concerning drugs, alcohol, profanity and different potential words of conflict.

After simple wash flags potentially damming content will then inspect all of their flagged content and select that massages to get rid of. Users will be able to fully delete content or just hide it.
Simple wash also gives users to perform specific searches. As an example, if a user plans to interview for employment at twitter they will virtually rummage around for any mentions of the business name, Twitter.
Unfortunately, simple wash can’t remove photos tagged with detected words, departure users with thousands of intoxicated college photos to look endlessly for inappropriate photos, but it can definitely clean up your Facebook page from the things you don’t like.

Simple wash doesn’t simply work for Facebook, it also has a beta version for Twitter
Click here for a simple wash.

Source: My another blog-      Daily SMM