How to Take Actions Against All Odds and Start Fresh

How to Take Actions Against All Odds and Start Fresh
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I get it. January is not as easy breezy as we would like it to be. We have had all the fun-filled festive season. Seeing friends, eating food, sharing memories and having an all-around great time. A new year can sometimes feel like an anticlimax for some. The anticipation to start fresh, the new year to make all those changes we have been promising ourselves through December and then BAM. It is the first day of 2018 and we don’t feel any different. Sound familiar? But while January can be a tough month for so many, it is also one of the most inspiring and motivating times of the year. If you do see it for what it is, a start fresh, then you can really tackle some of the common tough parts of this month and take control of the situation. Which actually will see you well for the rest of the year.

So I thought I would share four tough aspects of January and hopefully provide you with a little reassurance and tips on how to overcome them. So you can take advantage of what the new year is really all about.

Financial Worry

Our finances can take a hit during Christmas. The additional spending, if not planned for, can be put on credit cards or could see your creeping into that overdraft. It is never easy, and January can be a month of worry as you wonder how you will make ends meet. However, worrying never got anyone anywhere, and the best advice is to take control of the situation. It has to be repaid, so make a plan for it, and look at ways on how to build credit score effectively. Maybe you want to boost your income in some way, so decluttering and making use of online selling platforms or groups could give your income the boost it needs. Side hustles like surveys and mystery shopping could also be beneficial. There are options, you just need to be less fearful and take control.

Feeling Blue

 January can be seen as a bit of a depressing month, and I totally understand that. It’s dark and miserable outside and you can often be stuck either at work or at home seeing the same four walls. It can also be a rather lonely month, especially if you found yourself to be a bit of a social butterfly during recent weeks. Don’t despair. January just needs a bit of careful planning. Gran your diary, start a group text conversation with your closest friends and meet up. It shouldn’t surprise you that others will be feeling the same way.

start fresh

Struggling to Get Back into a Routine

Routine can be tricky especially if you have gone back to work. Getting up early in the morning can feel like hard work, and even settling back into early nights and restful evenings may be tricky. Try and focus on the positive aspects of a routine. It can really help you get so much more out of your day. Rising early may be difficult at first, so tempt yourself out of bed with a bit of relaxing meditation and stretching. Maybe exercising could make start fresh your day or even just having ten minutes of quiet before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. Make the time important to you and instead of fighting the routine, embrace it.

I hope that this inspires you to take action against the toughest parts of this month.

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