Start Blogging without Quitting Your Day Job

Start Blogging without Quitting Your Day Job
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As the job market continues to become competitive, the individuals now seek more security in their job and a perfect side business which can help them meet their everyday achievement needs. This need and desire to accomplish more is the fuel which powers the individual to come up with something unique which could be categorized as their own.

This desire is what has elevated the growth of the blogs in the virtual world, a perfect amalgamation of the information and writing.

Continue reading and find out how you can start your own blog without compromising on your job:

  • First Learn the Fundamentals

Quitting your job for just a certain realization, that start blogging is your jam is a plan for disaster. It takes a lot of time and effort, not just realization, to actually pave the path for a steady flow of income. Taking all the baby step before the transition is integral for determining what works and what not. Remember, it is the initial stage, therefore, start working on the blog in your free time. Slowly and steadily construct it, and learn what it is that makes you charge and sparks up your interest. Determine whether you are inclined to embrace the digital space.  Nurture on its various aspects and tools to simplify your blogging venture.

  • Select the Blog Topic

No chance of success exists if you fail to make a topic selection in terms of your blog. Selecting a topic of the blog means determining what you are going to blog about, it could be related to fashion, writing, food, makeup and more. Select your area of expertise and exploit it for blog success. You can initially also start writing for some other blog as a freelancer and then devising a new one.

  • Form a Schedule

It’s no joke when it comes to balancing the side hustles, work, and family all along, especially when it is an online business. One needs to squeeze the time to make some time for the blog, revolving around compromising on certain entertaining activities. All you have to do is make a list of your priorities, and squeeze in your blogging time. Consider your job and family time, and craft it accordingly without compromising on both the things. You can allocate specific time, or certain hours of the day or maybe specific days to work on the blog, this way all your working goes in a smooth manner without impacting any other life essential prospects.

  • Stick to the Formed Schedule

Now comes the hard part, to follow it. Aligning the schedule according to your priority list helps keep the disturbing factors aside allowing effective following it. However, you don’t have to follow a certain schedule for your entire existence, you can tweak it accordingly with time and changing dynamics. Work on owning your schedule rather than letting the schedule own you. Furthermore, also invest in the time for the further development of your skills for start blogging.

  • Organize your Tasks

Organizing of a task means taking into account the factors which can supply in the help for your blogging venture or bring it to halt. Most efficient and impressive way to organize your task is to make two types of lists; one can be related to the type of content you want to integrate and other with the scheduling of it. Make sure to sustain a steady posting of content with regard to the trends and interest of the audience you aim to target. Take your time to polish the content and make sure it provides all the insights related to the topic concerned, and which deeply connects with the reader at a personal level. You can also initially post some candid shots to engage the users of the blog in order to spark in them the curiosity. Always remember that regular posts are what attracts the user in the first place, and keeps their advent. This is what then serves as a funnel to the blog for the paying brands as well.

  • Define your Success

Define your success means illuminating the idea of what brings you to it. It means answering the why of your blog, not only for the user but for its creator as well i.e. you. The reason varies, it can be to quit your day job, to begin a new business, to inspire others, to make people informed, to share your knowledge/experiences, or to earn a passive income. Defining it not only helps you remain focused but also help measure the result or the success of your blog. Defining this success will clear the misgivings you possess and provide a more transparent picture of how you plan to take his blogging in the long term.

  • Make use of Technology

Technology makes everything easy and start blogging is no exception. The technology leverages the blog success by keeping you updated as well as mitigating the time spent on a certain task. Make the most of the technology provisioned CRM and automated marketing tools to help flourish the written blog content, which keeps tracks of everything that goes on it.

  • Be Patient

When you just start blogging, therefore, don’t keep your hopes high in terms of phenomenal generation of traffic, money or leads. Remain persistent with your efforts, and keep an eagle eye on everything related to your blog, to ensure its update. Updated blogs are more successful in catching the user’s attention which a gradual increase with time. Therefore, practice the virtue of patience and brace yourself for the success that’s on its way.

Concluding Remarks

First, drop the idea of quitting your job unless and until you are able to earn handsome amount of money through it. Most bloggers quit their job just so that they can build a solid foundation, however, it’s always safe to first set your roots in it and then gradually progress and shift towards it. Remember, it takes consistency and persistence along with the dedication of a lot of hard work and sweating to actually earn a substantial amount of revenue from blogging. Therefore, keep hustling your way out to secure excellence in it before actually quitting your job.

Erica Cohen is a content writer at Essay Writing Service UK  firm. She has worked with many writing firms. She does freelance content writing as part-time job.

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