SEO rules for blogging success

SEO rules for blogging success
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Starting a blog isn’t easy. It is sometimes wrongly believed that SEO rules are not appropriate for blogs and only for websites. This is not true because bloggers are also those people who want to make money on their blogs and be successful in the online world.

There are so many “professional” SEO resources nowadays that offer their help but it is so difficult to detect whom to trust.We have chosen and elaborated some vital rules and advice on how to develop your blog with the help of SEO.

It is crucial to find out what particular subtleties in SEO could help you be successful and what stuff can hamper your success! So now we are going to talk about this.



Seo optimization steps


Before preparing the material for the blog, it is necessary to study the importance of certain queries and look for the popularity of particular topics and, additionally, you have to collect the semantic core for a future article.


We would highlight the following points among the important rules on the collection of key phrases for your posts:


1) The article is necessary to answer the user’s question, as well as to predict that he could still look on the subject and use these requests in writing of any content;


Use search suggestions based on the main query that gives us any search engine as you type in the search.


2) To complete formation of the core articles of queries us programs on statistics on search requests to search similar requests which you will be able to include in the text.


What is the optimal number of keywords that should be used in the text?


This topic is well-elaborated on many sources and websites, but we need to sift through all this, and we’ll show you how to use the optimization in the text.


Some people believe that in order for the article to work out, you need to use one key at least three or four times. It is nonsense and you may be even banned. So, you do not need to “hone” an article according to the key word but you are supposed to take a key word as a starting point and try to create an appropriate content to insert this key into it. But if you insert these keys in the article several times you will get “spam” and be banned. Try to use keywords not in the close succession to each other and it is better to write them at the beginning of the paragraph and not at the end.


Blogging tips on Headings


Your H1 headings should better be not more than 60 symbols, otherwise search engines will not see the rest of the words. Inserting key words in headings is also very helpful and effective.

You will have main keys and additional ones. In the main heading and in the first subheading try to use main keys. Additional ones insert in H4/5/6. Try to restrain from using additional signs of punctuation.

Do not forget about descriptions. They should be well-elaborated as well. Minimize the number of symbols up to the figure 130. Main key should also be used in the very beginning.


Blog text


The quantity of the articles and their length is up to you. Start from 400 words at least and never exceed the border line of 1000. In order to have your articles in the top try to painstakingly elaborate the particular topic. If you have an article about “How to order essays” then make at least two more on the topics like “Edubirdie essay writers” and “Best essay writers”. In this case, search engines understand that in this section you have academic writing as the main focus.


More quick tips and strategies on blogging.


  • Write as much as you can and have inspiration to.
  • Always know your competitors and analyze their content. Try to know what their customers/readers are interested in and what they do not enjoy.
  • Buy the opportunity to place link to your website and when your have a successful  blogand very popular one you will be able to place somebody else’s links on your blog for some charge.
  • Comment similar blogs or websites that deal with the same subject matter as you do. With the help of comments you will be more popular and people will know about you.
  • If your blog is partially commercial make discounts, special offers to attract more people to your blog.


Good luck in all your blogging endeavors! Go ahead and never give up!

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