How To Secure Your WordPress Blog From WordPress Attack

How To Secure Your WordPress Blog From WordPress Attack
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WordPress is a great way to reach up to a huge traffic.

User of it is increasing rapidly due to its very unique feature. It’s some interface problems attracted many hackers and the other scum of the Internet. Question yourself, is your site totally secure? If the answer is negative, read this article. It can be helpful for you.

Now we will discuss about how to secure your WordPress blog.

Theme or WordPress installation makes it easy to be attacked. Especially if someone uses free WordPress themes. You can buy lot of nice and quality theme for little Dollar from here. We are not going against free WordPress themes. There are good free themes at WordPress.org. There may be hidden lines of code or links that the developer or hacker placed for their work. They hide them very cleverly. This free option, thus may cause you a shock.

Now what should one do? First of all update your WordPress site. Older versions are easy to hack. Remove your free theme. Choose a trusted one. You can still get hacked if someone exploits a security hole in an old WordPress platform. Another important thing is Plugin compatibility. An incompatible plugin may trouble you.

Use a strong password. Same username and password may make you a victim of a hack. Weak passwords are very easy to break. Try to use “hacker-proof” passwords. Brute Force Attackers are a great threat in recent days. You should be careful about it. In order to remain safe, set up a stronger password. Contact your web host about it. You need to configure some htaccess file. It would keep you in safe side. Clean up your site in a regular manner. Upgrade the plugins and themes. Content Delivery Networks can protect your website from hackers. You don’t need to pay for this service. It is of no cost.

Keep a backup of your site. This will result in running once again, even you are victimized. All we have a very clear idea, how hard work this is. No one would like to lose it. So, always be careful about the security matter. Only your awareness can be helpful in this case.

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