Pros and Cons of iOS Mobile Apps Development

Pros and Cons of iOS Mobile Apps Development
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A dedicated mobile application is now absolutely necessary for a business to be successful in long-term. These are the days of smartphones and tablets with people’s spending nearly three hours daily using them. It makes Mobile Apps a necessity for businesses.

A well designed mobile app works seamlessly and is also much better in terms of performance and speed than web applications. However, it may be costly to create and maintain a mobile app. You have to pay high fees to the developer and then some yearly maintenance charge to the App Store as well.

Let have a brief look at the pros and cons of IOS App Development for a business.

Pros of iOS Mobile Apps

iOs mobile apps

  1. Great Performance

No doubt a mobile application is way better than websites in almost every aspect. Mobile apps are extremely fast with almost no loading time. Apps are also capable of taking full use of the hardware and other features of the device like a camera, GPS, speakers, vibration etc. Most website lacks this feature.

  1. Convenience

Everyone wants to get things done conveniently in the shortest possible time. Mobiles applications give them this power. These applications are specially designed to work on that particular operating system or a particular device and thus it works very fine on them. They are also reliable and easy to use. Switching between different pages is much smoother and fast than using the website.

  1. Personalized User Experience

Mobile apps can provide a personalized user experience based on his likes and dislikes, interest, location, and region. By providing a personalized experience it makes the user feel like the app is made especially for him.

  1. Good Customer Relationship

iOs mobile apps

Mobile apps can be an effective way to get a step closer to your customers. Good customer relationship is very necessary for a brands success. Mobiles apps act as a way of interacting directly with your customers. It can be used to keep the user informed about the latest offers or any other things with the help of push notifications. A brand can also promote a product using this great feature.

  1. Access to Basic Features in Absence of Data Connection

Offline access is another great important feature of a mobile application. One can save some information and can view it anytime and anywhere without worrying about the internet connection.

  1. App Store Support

Once an application is designed and approved by the app store it receives full support from it. The store also provides complete security to the users of the application. This makes IOS applications secure and reliable

  1. It Can Work on Your Behalf

Yes, you heard that right mobile app can be customized to work on behalf of the user. It can handle your transaction and other things effectively even in your absence.

  1. Brand Awareness and Trust

These days almost every business owns a mobile app. The reason behind this is the presence of a brand or business on App Store and having a mobile app can greatly increase the brand popularity and trust.


Cons of iOS Mobile Apps

iOs mobile apps

  1. More Expensive

Building a mobile app can be really expensive. You need to hire an expert iOS app development company for this task if you want a great performing application. These companies charge a lot of money. Then again you will have to pay a yearly fee.

  1. Long Approval and Authorization Time

Getting an application approved and authorized by the app store is a time taking the process and it could take as long as 2 to 3 weeks.

Even after paying high charges for designing a great app there is absolutely no guarantee that it will be approved and added to the store. So you must plan in advance.

  1. App Store Charges

Apple App Store also charges fees on the in-app purchase. You have pay 30% share to the App Store. These charges are really high.

Overall there are both advantages and disadvantages of an iOS Mobile App. Surely a mobile app will help grow your business and can increase the brand awareness and customer trust in the brand.

It also gives a high degree of reliability, security as well as dependability. Using mobile apps is much more convenient and hassle-free. When talking about performance they are really fast and can run effortlessly without lags and hangs.

On the other hand, you have to pay a lot of money first for its designing and development. Then you have to pay app store fees, maintenance charges etc.

Author Bio. :- James Tredwell is a Technical SEO and Content Developer with Hopinfirst.com, one of the top iOS app development company. James is passionate about SEO, Technology and management and blogs frequently on the topics.

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