Pick up the most effective marketing strategy for Black Friday

Pick up the most effective marketing strategy for Black Friday
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As the holiday season approaches, have you ever find that there are hundreds of competitors in your business coming out almost at one night?  The promotion and marketing strategies from merchants and retailers are full of dizzying tricks. However, one of the most ordinary and effective ways for promotion is distributing coupons, that’s why you see the flying vouchers and coupons everywhere.

If you are a business owner or a marketer, that would a great pity if missing the coupon strategy. Based on <ahref=”https://www.couponbirds.com” rel=”nofollow”>CouponBirdsresearch, best-selling items of Black Friday remained stable in the last 5 years: HDTV, PC, mobile phones, gaming devices, electronics and kids stuff.

CoupponBirds witnessed visitors who were looking for coupons and deals for these items,

Doubled every Black Friday during last 5 years.

Overall sales also rose up to a year peak.

CouponBirds is one of the most trustworthy coupon sites. The research results matched with the big data given by third-party statistics institutions, which means almost every seller is distributing coupons during Black Friday.The research result also shows that an attractive coupon code can boost your sales by 50%.  Coupon code, BOGO(buy one get one free) and free shipping are the 3 most wanted coupon types. Besides, 76% of subscribers would ignore the newsletter and turn to search for coupon codes online.

Sellers need a coupon site to distribute promotions and buyers need a coupon site to find wanted coupons. Good coupon sites like RetailMeNot, Groupon and CouponBirds are liked and welcomed by millions of online shoppers. Some of these sites have grown as giant tech companies and went on the public. These sites usually charge a proportional commission rate to help sellers publishing coupons, however, sellers can submit coupons to some of the coupon sites, like CouponBirds, and get published. But before action, be sure to distinguish good coupon sites from dozens of spammy ones.

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