Online Jobs Without Investment

Online Jobs Without Investment
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Finding a reliable online job is always challeniging. Internet is infected by tons of scams which is of course spreading constantly. Whenever an inexperienced person searches for an online job like online job without investment on search engines they will 70% land on scam sites which boasts that their members make $3000+ per month online. But to begin they will ask you to pay $5 as registration fees. Once they receive the money they will give access to their panel where you will be asked to purchase a package again to continue which makes no sense. Remember that a genuine program never ask for a beginner fees and never promise a member about their earnings.


This is the article about such programs where you can earn reliable money without any investment.


  1. Micro tasks:



Online micro jobs or Micro tasks or mini tasks are the small tasks of a large project that pays tiny amount instantly on number of task basis. For example: If a company has large number of invoices that has to be converted digitally, they will not ask a single person or a company to complete the full project. Instead they break them into small tasks (3 invoices per tasks) and put them on the worker dashboard so that anyone can do that task to earn money. An individual will be paid for completing each task instantly. For example consider 5 cents as compensation. By completing one task you can earn $0.05 and $0.50 for 10 tasks so on. There is no limitations in number of tasks that you can complete, so the more you complete the more you can earn. The above mentioned job is just an example, hundreds of new micro jobs are posted everyday which are different from others. You can select the one which you feel easier and complete as much as you like to get paid for what you’ve completed. This requires no investment and the earnings totally depends on your talent. Click worker, Crowd flower and Amazon mTruck are the best micro task platforms.


  1. Affiliate marketing:


Affiliate marketing is one of the finest online job for a person with good marketing skills. When you sell a product or a service of a company they pay certain percent of sale money as commission and this process is called as affiliate marketing. There are different types in affiliate marketing like pay per sale, lead, action etc. We are talking about pay per sale here as other two requires a website to proceed. For sale marketing you don’t need a website but a Facebook page, twitter page or a you tube channel will be a good alternative. I prefer you tube channel as there is very less competition and easy to rank on search engines. Every time some one searches about the product that have chosen by you on Google they will land your video or social media page in rare cases. By landing the sale page through the affiliate url if they make a purchase you will be paid instantly. In case of Facebook page you will have to get more likes and create posts about products at regular interval so that your fans might purchase the products.


For example : You’ve started a fashion page or a youtube channel you should explain about the product and leave the affiliate url at the end, so that you can ask them to buy the product by clicking the link given below the video or post. Affiliate marketing is a best online money making program without investment. Amazon.com, Clickbank are some best affiliate marketing platforms based on sale.


  1. Freelance jobs: 


Any work you do on part time is called freelance job. In freelance job you get hired by a company or a client on contract basis to complete a project or a work in limited time. You can choose when to work, day or night you get paid for completing the project in limited time. You can do anything you know like photo edit, video creation, article writing, music creation, marketing etc. There are lots of market place available on internet, I recommend you to join most to get more opportunity of getting approval or to attract more clients. Elance, Upwork™, Fiverr® are some best freelance marketplaces.


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  1. Paid survey programs:


The simplest way to earn money online is by participating on research programs. Lots of MNCs spends billions of dollars to research people’s view about their products and services through online survey. For answering their question they will pay you cash and gift rewards. From my experience, research panels pay $1 to $5 per survey completion. By completing 2 – 3 surveys per day you can easily earn $5 just by spending 20 to 30 minutes per day. Surveys will be mostly about smartphones, employment, beauty products, leisure etc.


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  1. Data entry:



I will not say captcha entry is a good reliable online work. Still you can earn some money by doing this simple work. In captcha entry you will have to type the characters given in an image on the text box. A captcha contains 1 – 2 words in it which can be solved within 3 – 10 seconds. For solving each captcha they pay $0.001 to $0.002 i.e. $1 to $2 for solving 1000 captchas. The compensation is really low but a person with good typing skills can earn $1 – $2 per hour. If you don’t have any marketing or freelance skills you can choose this job and earn some money without investment.


Hope you got an idea about how to make money online and remember legitimate companies never asks registration fees. There are tons of online jobs like this to make money without investment.


  1. Earn just by installing research software:


Top companies in the world always wanted to know the user experience of their electronic products, softwares etc. So, they research by making the users to install a piece of software on their computer and in turn they pay the users who installs the software in their computer and smartphones. This is one of the easiest way to earn online without working and without investing money. Just install the software on your device and the software will run automatically when you switch on the device and it will collect the required information and send it to the research companies automatically and at the end of the month you will receive a check from $60 to $200 depending on the country you reside. Speaking about countries these research companies allows people from top tier countries like USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, New Zealand etc to install this software. These are the top research companies in the world that runs under government laws and will have best privacy policies to protect their members personal information. So you don’t have to worry about them to sneak into your personal information.


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Final words:


These are the online jobs without investment. They are the best effective way to earn online. Choose the program with suits your interest. I will recommend you to try all of this. Spend a hour or two everyday to see which works best for you.


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