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Choosing a New Web Host for Your Greater Business

Choosing a New Web Host for Your Greater Business
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Every business owner knows that having a quick, smooth and appealing website is the first step to a successful online venture. Of course, this is easier said than done if you lack proper guidance on how to go about choosing an ideal web host. There are many affordable options available in the market and the best place to start your search is by first evaluating some of the key requirements you are looking for in your ideal web host.

There are also many different services and packages as there are companies, and you need to know your business or blog requirements for Choosing a New Web Host for Your Greater Business.

Before choosing your next host, make sure you analyze their credentials to be in a better position to understand how well they respond to emergencies, errors, downtime and performance.

Hence, price should not be the only basis for your final decision. On the contrary, look for a combination of quality and affordability.

Referrals, personal research and reading unbiased user reviews can help you narrow down your list of qualified candidates, although a one on one interview with any potential host provider can have a big impact on the decision you make.

This simple guide can show you how to find the most suitable web hosting provider.

Check The Provider’s Own Website

If a provider is doing a shady job with their website, who is to say they can do better with yours?

Just have a glance at their personal/business website and if you are contented with what you see, from the speed, interface and testimonials, then make your first verdict.

Reach out to the provider

Like I mentioned, having a one on one chat can go the distance at understanding what to expect from a hosting provider. If they are slow on response, reluctant to answer key questions or just plain arrogant, you will be taking a risk on any future relationship.

Is the uptime up to standard?

The minimum uptime that should be expected from any professional web host provider is 99.99%. Anything less than that means you are risking your business.

Is the support world class

This is one of the most sensitive areas to look at. Some people prefer live chat over calls and vice versa. But the best option is a company that is capable of offering both services every hour of the day, all year.


Every hosting company has shared hosting accounts which help keep a vast number of websites online. There is no limit to how many accounts these servers can host but the key factor to consider is whether this kind of loading can affect speed. It is the responsibility of a web host to create a balance between performance and speed.


An easy to use control panel is very important for the user. Whether it is plesk or a cPanel or a third party panel, just make sure it is easy to use and comes with all major functionalities. At this level, you really don’t need a control panel that is pure nuisance, on the contrary, find adequate cPanel from a quality host for basics controls and because of the convenience.

Those are just some of the factors that can have the biggest impact on your online business and the ones I first look at most of the time.

With those pointers in mind, I have reviewed many hosting options out there and worked with some with the intention of finding the best service available to take my ventures a step higher.

There are several options I can recommend at this level but not all of them tick all the boxes at first glance.

I have been avoiding some household names for two reasons being, they do not always deliver as advertised by their aggressive marketing, and two, the EIG scandal that saw some industry leading 70+ companies experience record outages in the past one year. This has put the reputation of some well renowned hosting names in jeopardy and it may take some time for them to bounce back from rising criticism.

With that in mind, I have narrowed down my options into just one hosting platform at the moment, TD Web Services.

For starters, you are getting an independent hosting provider with its own in house servers.

They also offer fast, reliable and consistent service at very affordable prices.

As mentioned above, customer support is one of the key areas to look at and with TD Web Services, you are guaranteed adequate, personalized care on both email and phone. They are perfect for both small business and cooperate needs and this is down to those unique features that make them different only in a good way.

I have been using their services for a good time now and I can safely recommend to anyone looking to grow a business online.

If you are interested,check there official site from here.



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