Maximize Your Business Reach by Adopting Accelerated Mobile Pages

Maximize Your Business Reach by Adopting Accelerated Mobile Pages
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What would be the feeling when your web pages’ load 4 times faster than before? This would be a great experience because website speed is considered as one of the important factors to bring traffic these days.

That’s exactly what Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) do to provide optimum clicks and conversions to a website.

About AMP:

Accelerated Mobile Pages are the open-source website coding standards for developers. AMP aims to develop outstanding single web pages that load fast on mobile devices.AMP is the most exceptional gift from Google. It works like a pro and speculated in the industry for 2 major benefits. The one is that it makes the web pages fast to load and lead towards the top of search engines pages. The other is, Google considers it a ranking factor for the particular website. Now, you must be aware of the fact that how AMP can affect SEO of a business website.

How Does It Work:

Instead of waiting for the web pages to load, AMP lets the page’s load immediately just after clicking on the page. Its primary purpose is to render mobile users the instant and accurate results on their actions. Google AMP is effective for SEO and is positioned to be the convenient feature for SEO experts.AMP work info

This was all about AMP. Now, the time is to explain the benefits of AMP on SEO and online marketing.


Have a look at the below points:

  • Increased Mobile Ranking

Google initiated AMP with an emphasis on mobile optimization. Using AMP, marketers are getting positive responses from the mobile users for their websites. Even, they reduced the stress to make site fast and responsive for mobile devices. AMP does it all for them. It also provides the topmost ranking to the webpage on search engines. By now, you will realize that neglecting mobile layouts is not wise but adopting it can become a smart move for you.

  • Enhanced Mobile User Experience

Today, more than 50% of searches are made via mobiles. This reflects the demand of mobile-oriented websites and layouts for users so that they can accomplish their task conveniently. People who are habitual of accessing things via their smartphones hardly sit in front of the desktops and wait for the pages to load. But, with the introduction of AMP, they are now happy to see their search results in a bunch. Here, they don’t need to go through the entire site if they don’t like the content. They are free to load the website after getting completely satisfied with the initial information.

  • Increased Backlinks

Improved visibility leads to optimum clicks and more clicks lead to the conclusion that more people are reading your content. Concentrating on the last point that if the content is informative, quality-oriented, then it can lead to achieving maximized backlinks too. Backlinks are the best and most crucial ranking factor. Therefore, if you are going to implement AMP to your website, you will be benefited with a number of quality backlinks for your site.

If you want to get profitable results for your website, you only need to hire a reputed company like Sparx IT Solutions, WebriQ, and CSSChopper which is accredited to providing quality mobile pages.

  • Improved Ad Performance

Cutting down the loading time is not only the benefit of implementing AMP, but also it is helpful for making promotional ads more powerful and visible. It’s true that ads based on AMP perform well on the browsers. It is unveiled that around 90% of AMP pages or content publishers got higher click-through rates. For better insights, we have mentioned a few reasons that explain how AMP improve ads conversions:

  • Ads will be seen more: Due to the clear and topmost visibility, the chances of getting an ad seen becomes higher.
  • Fast loading ads: As mentioned earlier AMP pages are meant to make the content or pages faster. Hence, it helps the ads load faster once clicked.
  • Ads will look better: As the AMP works on mobile-first technology, thus it ensures that all your ads look brilliant and uniform on the screen.
  • AMP Visitor Analytics

It is extremely important to track the actions and reactions of users for your promotional stuff. Utilizing AMP, publishers or online marketers can choose the associated tags that can aid them to track visitor’s data such as visitor clicks, conversions, counts and more. Moreover, it supports easy traffic movement and tracking. It includes the origin where the individuals come from, the pages that are seen by them and how frequently they visit the site.

  • Lower Bounce Rates

Making a website speedy can keep the visitors satisfied and don’t let them feel irritated. Google always provides its readers with classic and smooth website and not the frustrated ones. So, leave the tension of getting your website indexed by search engines. AMP will surely help you attain a niche on top searches along with lowering the bounce rates.

In Conclusion:

It would definitely be rewarding if you implement Accelerated Mobile Pages to improve your website ranking. AMP has become a new and proven ranking factor for the websites. Adopting this is beneficial in all manners. So, don’t get confused and try implementing AMP to get increased website raking.

Author Bio:

Tom Hardy is an SEO expert in Sparx IT Solutions: SEO Services Company for past many years. He comprehends his duty to keep himself abreast of the latest SEO trends. Along with keeping pace with the advanced SEO tactics, he often tries to make people aware of the topics that he thinks are necessary for the betterment of businesses and their associated websites.

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