Manage your Identity and Reputation using SEO and Make Money

Manage your Identity and Reputation using SEO and Make Money
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In different spheres service, providers confront two realities; they seem contradictory at first but once studied one can see how they connect.

  1. Customers don’t want to care about you – they want to have their Needs met without your assistance.
  2. Customers end up using Professionals on over 90% of their transactions, and many become repeat customers.

This is not a contradiction – it absolutely makes sense… Would-be customers are using the Internet to look for satisfaction of one’s needs but they are also absorbing the noise of the industry; they may start on a website looking at cottages and end up on a YouTube Channel viewing video walkthroughs; they may start with a posting on Facebook and end on a Blog written by an agent describing a neighborhood full with pictures and videos.

It is that Noise that I call Your Identity and Reputation.

Top 10 List to Manage your Identity and Reputation using SEO and make money:

  1. Blog about your local Market Expertise and place your name and website last – not first.
  2. Make sure you have a well-developed professional Bio that you post on your website and all your internet channels.
  3. Always focus on your market. Always relate solutions you offer Buyers and Sellers to your localized Market.
  4. Stop being a mouthpiece to the National Real Estate Happenings. Yes educate yourself on National Trends but be mindful that they may not always translate to your local area.
  5. Embrace Video and Tag your Videos on your YouTube account with your Name.
  6. Google your name and see what comes up – your clients will Google you once they meet you; they use the internet as a Validator of who you are and what you do.
  7. Make sure others are talking about you – especially satisfied clients; get as many Testimonials and invite others to use their internet channels to talk about you.
  8. Remember that the Internet is a Vacuum – if you don’t manage your reputation, and one person writes a critical review of your work, all that will exist out there is that negative comment. Get to work on you!
  9. You want to occupy as many slots on Page 1 of Google with positive comments, Videos, reviews, blogs, Photos, and Web Solutions.
  10. Finally, make your accomplishments and successes public using many means of postings – Don’t neglect Photos and proper tagging of said Photos. A lot of you are sharing them on Facebook but are ignoring your website and your network of Hub Websites.

As you nurture your professional life using Internet Marketing and SEO remember that the core of your success will be driven by offering localized solutions – Not national rants on topics you do not control.

Author bio: Mary Winston, writer and editor, coordinator for RankTopTen.com

She has extensive experience in writing articles, essays, and reviews. She adores to rank multitude of stuff including people and brands, films and TV shows, music and entertainment, sports and lifestyle. Details of notehave been extracted and distilled down to a simple yet refined “Top 10” formula that reflects the essence of things at their best.

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