Make Money With Facebook

Make Money With Facebook
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As we know that making money online is the most discussed topic on the Internet. Everyone wants to make money from the Internet but most of them have no direction. Here we share some important tips on how to make money with facebook as it is the most potential platform in recent times.

There are many ways to make money from the Internet but today we will discuss Facebook. Facebook is the king of social media networks.

Every person who uses the Internet is familiar with Facebook but how many are earning from this platform? Many people use it as an entertainment platform but only a few of them use it as a business platform.

Create a Fan Page to Make Money with Facebook

The question is that how can we do that? If you are using Facebook then you are also familiar with Fan Page on Facebook. Fan Page is basically the promotion page of your website, business or any topic which you want to share with your friends. Now we will discuss that how can we use our Facebook Fan Page for making money online. If you have a fan page then it is ok, if not then create a fan page by using your account. You can find ‘Create Page’ at the bottom of your Facebook main page as shown in fig below.

You can also find it on the right side of your Facebook page under ‘Pages’ as shown in the picture.

When you click it you will find the window like this,

Now select your desired category and create a fan page and the first step completed.

Share Quality Content or Products on Fan Page

‘Content is the king’ is very famous saying and is always true. Every visitor likes attractive and knowledge-based content. If you are creating Fan Page of your business items, share good quality pictures and details and if possible share comparison with market prices. It will boost your business and give an impression to the buyer that you are aware of the market for your products.

Promote Your Fan Page

This is the most important part of our topic. You have to promote your Fan Page to increase your ‘Likes’. Invite your friends to like and share your Fan Page. Increase in ‘likes’ will increase the value of your Fan Page.  If you want to sell your Fan Page, you can do it. 

Put Your Fan Page for Sale

There are many websites which offer you a good amount for your Fan Page keeping in view the value of the page. If you have 1000 Likes, the vale may be 20 $ but if you have 10,000 Likes the amount will increase automatically. Type on Google ‘how to sell Facebook pages?’ and you can find many websites where you can sell your Fan Page.

Put Ads on Your Fan Page

When your ‘Likes’ counter touches 10,000 marks, you are eligible to put ads on your Fan Page. Many companies offer you to place their ads on your Fan Page for some reasonable amount. To create more than one page, optimize and promote them and start earning. If you are expert in using social media then you can also apply for social media manager jobs. You can find more information in our free essay database.

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