List of top 10 social media influencers

List of top 10 social media influencers
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Are you are digging hard to get the best as well as right social media influencer to market your business, let me clear you one important thing first that is on this giant platform of social influence, Influencers are widely available for every kind of niche, your topic of discussion may or may not be seldom, but there exist one fine person to bring out the best from you and your brand that you can’t find  at one go.

I have found innumerable people are indulged into influence marketing and equivalent number of brand are seeking them, various sites and numerous tools have been designed and developed respectively to offers the best marketing source to seeking brands, but still several brands and individuals aren’t confining with the right choice and the main reason behind is the ratio of bogus and genuine marketers are frequently fluctuating, at once where brands  are investing to hire a professional influence marketer to boom it’s market pride and improve ROIs, they find it close challenging to get one, just because influencer marketing is no more left with just a business practice, uncountable faux marketers with paid followers and engagements are fooling  people, social media has gone so giant that it has become merely impossible to find and differentiate between a fake and genuine influencer marketers, and even top rated tools could not distinguish between a fake and genuine personality, by own you have to follow and analyze a promising influencer marketer and check on how it’s engagement and campaigns work on your business.

In my previous article, I have written on how to  how to find the right influencer, it deals with the steps and tactics you must follow and know before searching an influence marketer and how to analyze an influencer marketer’s move to better graph down his practices over brands to effectively gross their sales and marketing ratio.

Actually, I  planned to write on the top social media influencer,but I couldn’t stop myself on out breaking the reality of influence marketing , at one end brands and individuals are trying hard and devoting more and more of their budgets to come up with the best social media influencer ,but there existing faux influencer isn’t allowing anyone to do so.

Actually the point is that no brand or individual wants to spend more than required, now what happen there are some macro and micro influencer ranging from tens of  thousands up to lakhs of followers who are best at buying and selling followers and artificially pretending to be more influential , they used to have some well-designed tools to monitor the audience move and later they work accordingly now these macro and micro influencers promise you the best services and effective outcomes and not big brands cause they usually hire celebs but the innocent new budding brands with individual efforts find them at the low cost and hire them, they do outcast products on their wall and promote your brands but with no rate of outcome and after a long period of time you get to know about the reality of a fake influence marketing.

Not dragging it further I’ll try to discuss about it in my next article but you people must be careful at selecting the best and genuine influence marketer for your brand.

Here am listing you some of the top most social media influencers around the world,who really help brands to hype their sales and groom their brand popularity

Social media influencers are those personality who would help you to launch and build your brand awareness and reflect a quick impact on your brand’s sale, these personalities show the same Interest as of your topic of discussion or brand’s product type and hold audience network and promote you on their wall and in return these personalities are compensated either with monetary or with gift-in kinds.

1.Jamie Oliver

With 6.7 million followers, Jamie Oliver is a chef by profession plus a food influencer and blogger on instagram, he shares on food and dishes and also gets indulged on sharing and promoting other food brands.

  1. Jack Morris

He is a travel influencer clutching 2.8 million audiences with him; he is constantly discovering new places and sharing it with his audience.

  1. Alexa Chung

She is a fashion and style blogger with 3.3 million followers.

  1. Chiara Ferragni

She’s also a fashion and style blogger with 16.7 million of followers, She has founded her own brand and serving as a CEO and president at the blonde salad.

  1. Zack King

He is an american filmmaker and social personality, posting on magic tricks and engaging people.

  1. Murad Osmann

He is a photography influencer on instagram with 4.1 million of followers, he was honored with the influencer of the year title and has ranked among the top 3 influencers by Forbes.

  1. Hind deer

She is a lifestyle influencer with a 61.7 k followers on instagram. She frequently post on life hacks and routines.

  1. Massy Arias

With 2.6 million followers on instagram , she is constantly posting on fitness and health related contents.

  1. Ayesha Bilimoria

She is a prominent health and fitness influencer with 41.2 k followers over instagram, she is now the fitness icon of India.

  1. Natasha Diddie

She is a food blogger and a pune based chef with 89.7k k followers on her page @thegutlessfoodie.

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