Learn 8 Office Decor Ideas You Can Use

Learn 8 Office Decor Ideas You Can Use
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You probably sit all day long at your desk. Okay, that’s not totally true. You get on your feet once in a while to use the bathroom, go to the conference room, or get some water. However, for most of your day, you sit in one small section of your office.

Given that, you should consider decorating it like it’s your own home! Consider the fact that you likely spend more time at your desk than at home as it is. Yes, it’s okay to take a moment to let that one sink in.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should hand up a chandelier over your desk unless of course, you are working in a palace, in which case I can’t really help you but be jealous. On the other hand, what I am talking about is a handful of small yet creative office decor ideas you can do to personalize your workspace.

Keep reading into the following paragraphs to get things started:

1) Hang Wires For Displaying Pictures:

Frames can work and might even be the conventional or traditional choice, but they also clutter things up. A photo wire is more fun to look at, and it can also help your work colleagues put faces to the characters in your stories, like your annoying mother-in-law that calls you at work.

2) Use Vibrant Holders To Keep Your Notes:

Rather than tacking individual papers to your wall or taping your passwords to the sides of your monitor, keep critical memos close with colorful noteholders. Or, make things even more fun by using some to display messages or quotes that inspire and uplift you to keep moving through your day.

3) Involve Greenery:

You can easily brighten up things around your desk with plants. You can even get easy feelings of accomplishment to start your daily to-do list, just by watering them or checking the leaves. As an added bonus, some kinds even purify your office air for better breathing. If you don’t feel like you have a green thumb or have a lot of time and energy for plant maintenance, go for something easy like succulents.

4) Decorate Your Boards:

Rather than keeping all your business using a whiteboard or cork, put some decoration or trim around it to personalize it. Easy-to-clean or remove options like Sharpies or washi tape can give even a plain, boring schedule some liveliness. All of the sudden, you might not be quite so scared to look up and see which meetings are looming. Picture blinds can also be a nice addition and can be branded for extra impact.

5) Push Pins And Magnets Can Bring Some Fun:

Another office decor ideas can bring some life to a cubicle wall even far short of doing a full makeover of your workspace. The right push pins for a cork board or magnets for a magnetic board are a good choice. Make a statement in a cheap and easy way. Given how small they are, feel free to go nuts with loud colors.

6) Use Decorative Bookends To Hold Your Files:

If the word bookends bring images of an antique study full of dust to mind, shake your head and get over it. The modern market has lots of loveable options that are far more fresh and fashionable, even quirky. When you put files, folders, and manuals, as well as actual books, between something pretty, everything looks better.

7) Show Your Style With Your Mug:

You’ll likely have a half a cup of coffee sitting at your desk some time as it is, so rather than using a boring mug or corporate cup, put your caffeine or tea into a vessel that reflects you better.

8) Make Your Writing Implements Interesting:

Even when you have a rather basic and even spartan desk area, the right colorful pen can make things pop, adding more fun to your work. Not sure about this? Go back in time in your memory to middle school. Did you hoard gel pens? Admit it; you thought they were amazing. You can bring back that joy each day of adult work just by finding some pens that bring a smile to your face. Sorry, the freebie your doctor gave you out of the blue doesn’t quite cut it here.

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