Knowing Is Half The Battle: Know Your Target Market

Knowing Is Half The Battle: Know Your Target Market
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No company or business is fully functional without a stable user base or a decent amount of customers. Of course, customers don’t just grow on trees, and you certainly cannot go and just pick them off the street (unless you hire those people who hand out leaflets), leaving you with quite the task at hand. Finding and securing a market is never a done deal, and it can never properly be secured because the market changes all the time, different needs arise, and competition is waiting for you to slip up so they can take the lead at all times. It certainly is not easy, but that does not mean it’s impossible, and with a few tips here and there and a bit of know-how, it is more than possible.

There are more than enough proverbial sayings about this, and while we could delve into several, let’s just stick with the good of’ “Knowing is half the battle”, and get into a few ways in which you could pick up some new clientele.

Know Your Target Market

In order to appeal to someone, you must first establish what they are actually looking for, what they are into, and what kind of appeal should you go for in order to actually reach out to them. This ranges from the tone you use in advertising campaigns, to the colors you use on your website and even the kinds of fonts you use on your social media page banner. There are several ways to find out this information, and a lot of it can be purely left to some educated guesswork. You might say that to know your target market’s likes and dislikes might be somewhat unprofessional, but this is no ordinary guesswork, its professional, educated, calculated guesswork. With the help of data from a user research agency and a few creative liberties taken by your graphic design team, you could really strike gold and appeal to the audience that you wish to captivate.

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Stay Relevant and Topical

Let’s say you are selling GPUs (graphics processing units/graphics cards), who would you assume your target market is? Well, PC gaming is not limited to mostly males in the age range of teens the too late twenties, but it would be a safe bet to say they are the majority. This is the moment where you ask yourself, “What else are they into?” and think about how you could advertise your product in that area as well. Let’s continue with the GPU example, and think where else you could advertise your product other than your own website. Well, if they are buying a GPU in the first place then they are probably building their own PC, people who build their own PC buy all their computer parts separately so why not try to reach out to them on a website which specializes in selling RAM or motherboards? Or maybe something like PCPartPicker? Possibly even a company which sells PC chairs or keyboards? PC enthusiasts usually go for the full course when it comes to PC setups, so trying to have some sort of presence on all relevant website certainly wouldn’t hurt.

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