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Is it Viable to Invest in Managed Hosting?

Is it Viable to Invest in Managed Hosting?
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Web hosting service concentrates on dealing with the performance of the websites, which is directly linked to customer satisfaction. Apart from projecting your web page to a wide audience globally, it also enhances the connectivity.

Every business thrives to offer a delightful experience to its users in order to achieve maximum traffic. Hence, the incorporation of a managed hosting service becomes inevitable.

Looking for an Appropriate Hosting Solution for your Website?

Are you about to choose a web hosting service for your website but unsure of the appropriate selection? Search no more. With multitude web hosting options, we will give you a quick brief about different web hosting services through this article and help you in choosing the right one.

There are various web hosting services to suit the dynamic needs of the websites. Some of them are:

  • Shared hosting service
  • Dedicated hosting service
  • VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting service
  • Managed hosting service
  • Colocation hosting service
  • Cloud-based hosting service
  • Self-managed hosting service
  • Reseller hosting service

There are times when you need superior control over the hosting server to customize the components provided. This allows you to offer a tailored platform to the customers, which can prove to be highly beneficial for your business. This is offered by a dedicated hosting service, where an entire server is leased to you for the rightful application.

Dedicated Hosting Service

When you are dealing with a dedicated hosting server, it allows you to exclusively access the components offered by it. The RAM, CPU, Operating System, Hard Drive, and other key components are under your supervision and control. It is observed that the IT professionals, who deal with the controlling and maintenance of the components, fall short of time to develop the business. Hence, the positive effects of the finest hosting service can’t be enjoyed. Won’t it be feasible if a reliable person or company controls the components on your behalf?

Types of Dedicated Hosting Service

Dedicated hosting service can be segregated into managed and unmanaged hosting service. With managed hosting, the server is maintained and updated by a company rather than self-management. This allows you to concentrate on building your business further, rather than operating a hosting server.

Managed Hosting Service

It is an expansion of a dedicated hosting service, with the hardware owned by the hosting service provider. Even the daily requirements and management of the server is taken care of by the hosting provider and not the clients. In simple terms, managed hosting offers the benefits of a dedicated server devoid of the need to manage it.

Services Offered by Managed Hosting

By now you must have a fair idea about the working of a managed hosting service and its ease of access. However, it is important to understand the service features offered to get the most from it. The services offered are as follows:

  • Monitoring– The network, server, Apache, and databases are monitored minutes contributing to network and server uptime. The HTTP is also inspected for website uptime.
  • Set up– The installation of the control panel and the operating system is taken care of by the hosting service, adding to the convenience immensely.
  • Scans– The server is scanned regularly for any error. Reports are also generated for greater understandability of the attributes.
  • Patches– Updates, virus fixes, application, and operating system patches are applied whenever needed.

Benefits of Managed Hosting Service

Managed hosting offers ample advantages along with the exclusive ownership of the server. Let us have a look at these:

  • Exceptional performance– Outsourcing the management of the activities related to the daily IT needs allows the professionals to concentrate on accentuating the business.
  • Customizable-It is not a rigid service and offers flexible options to suit the needs of diversified websites. This enables you to offer a unique solution to the clients.
  • Integrated utilization of the key professionals- With expert management of the server, the proficient manpower gets to work on the business needs.
  • Round the clock technical support- A qualified technical assistance is present to assist you 24/7, to ensure uninterrupted service.
  • Disaster recovery &Backup- Nothing can be worse than losing the essential data of a business. It not only depletes the business growth but also loosens the trust of the customers. Managed hosting service preserves the data and stores it safely to take care of a technical catastrophe.
  • Regular updates- It monitors the server on a daily basis for any technical lag or pending updates. This prepares you for the upcoming trends and threats of the internet.
  • Extremely reliable –It ensures your website never faces a downtime as the server is under constant maintenance.
  • Cost-effective- The resources can be scaled as per the requirements, which save a huge portion of the budget.
  • Leaves scopes for expansion of the business- With optimized resources and updated features, you get the scope of elaborating your business without having to worry about the performance lag.
  • Elevated security- There is no scope for malicious entry in the server as the security patches get updated daily. This prevents even the latest threats from sabotaging the server and its components.
  • Peace of mind- It gives you peace of mind when you know someone is there to back you during the crisis.
  • Operating System- It operates on Windows and Linux, which is compatible with all the web pages operating on the internet.


In order to succeed and make your brand presence felt online, it is important to understand the needs of your websites. Dedicated web hosting is an expensive choice of hosting service but will reap exponential benefits in the long run. However, if you feel the need for assistance in managing the server, never step back from seeking the same.

Managed hosting lets you explore the benefits of the dedicated servers without having to worry about the administration of the hardware components. It also manages the intrusion detection, vulnerability scans, DDoS mitigation as well as prevention. Grab immense facilities offered by managed hosting service to keep your website updated and help you manage increasing virtual traffic efficiently.

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