How to write SEO friendly content that readers will love?

How to write SEO friendly content that readers will love?
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There is a valuable question in blogging sphere that is – whether we should write content for readers or we should write for ‘search engine based’ content.


                        Basic problem if you write only for readers:

If you write your content only for readers, you have to struggle to get

traffic from any kinds of search engine.

                     Basic problem if you write only for search engine:

If you write your content only for search engine, your readers will not like

it. Because keyword stuffing may ruin the beauty of your natural content. So, you should write your content SEO friendly and user- friendly both.

Here are some tips that can help you to write SEO friendly and user friendly content both that readers will love.

                        1.  Proper planning:

Most of the bloggers do not follow proper planning. They usually start writing as their own idea from mind. It is good but not better or best. You should follow proper planning to increase success rate rapidly. So, you can follow these tasks-

* Use effective keyword research tools for your idea.

* Add basic, necessary and advance information in your article.

* Attempt to understand your reader’s way of thinking.

* Visit all kind of social networking sites regularly to know what is flowing there.


                   2.   Write shortly but try to include all information:

Most of the readers do not like to read broad article. Some of them want basic information and some of them want advance information. So ,start your article with basic information and finish with advance idea.

                  3.  Use bullets and numbering:

Some of the users like reading short article. They do not interest to read entire content of your article. They try to understand complete idea about the article only from bullets or numbering line.

                  4. Proper linking:

If you use hyperlink any of your content to some other pages, you have to sure that your linking topic and that page is relevant. If your linking page is not relevant to what you mention in your linking topic, readers will not choose it. They will not return your site.

                  5. Check grammar and spelling before publishing:

Although you have good skill in writing and typing, you should check your article very carefully before publishing. Because, readers do not like grammar and spelling mistake.

In addition, to all the above topics, you should write your content that readers love and interest to read.


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