How to Master SEO and Grow Your Business

How to Master SEO and Grow Your Business
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To become a real SEO-expert many webmasters had to make a lot of mistakes, lose huge money and fail a bunch of projects. SEO-specialist – a person who performs external and internal optimization of the site to increase its position in the lists of pages found by specific searches by search engines. In other words, SEO is a process of increasing the attendance of an Internet resource using a variety of optimization methods.

The Internet is full of articles on how to optimize and promote the site correctly, but not always this information is up-to-date (search engine conditions are constantly changing) and correctly stated. Look through SEO tips and what needs to be done to become a good optimizer and develop own business.

  1. Start with a simple step

In the absence of the opportunity to gain experience, I do not advise you to grab difficult challenges – “practice” first with simple ones. If you already have a website – pick up a couple of requests with average competition and examine traffic or create a simple SOM and promote it to the TOP by medium-frequency queries. Then you can move to the HF.

  1. Make a plan for promotion

Before you start optimizing the site, decide what exactly you will do and write down the points. This will be your primary strategy to promote and optimize the Internet resource. It should include all the actions: from changing content and meta tags, and ending with building links. If you are looking for awritten profound plan, you can see it here.

Don’t forget to back up before you shred the site code. Creating a list of best web hosting sites is also a good idea.

  1. Learn from your competitors


Undoubtedly, theoretical knowledge is necessary, but the best source of knowledge, which in the future will help you achieve success in the field of SEO, is the analysis of Top competitors’marketing strategy and promotion technique. It is necessary to analyze external and internal factors of resources located at the top and compare with your site rate.

Sometimes it’s better to even make friends with a competitor to exchange knowledge. But you do not need to reduplicate a competitor’s site. For example, if they used the main keyword 3 times in the text, it does not mean that the web search master needs to do 4. You can get sanction for re-optimization.

  1. Do not be afraid to experiment

Even experienced SEO analysts cannot always be sure of the accuracy and correctness of their actions. In some cases, the opinions of experts radically diverge, and the analysis of competitors does not provide an opportunity to track any trend. How an inexperienced specialist has to act in such situation? Experiment! Having conducted your ownexperiment, you will not only find the answer to the question but also make a huge step in professional development in the field of SEO.

  1. Do not let the emotions take over you


An unexpected change in the algorithm, the loss of all positions, or, worse, a site ban can discourage all the desire to master SEO. Well, optimization and promotion of sitesare not for the faint of heart. If you are 100% sure of your abilities, and you are not afraid of big risk, and then welcome to the ranks of SEO professionals.

  1. Stay informed on SEO industry news

You need to constantly keep abreast of the latest innovations and trends in the SEO industry. Devote time to reading SEO news every day. You can look throughuseful sites such as the Search Engine Journal or SEOMoz, or you can browse resources that compile collections of relevant news from all significant sites in the industry.

While browsing these sites, pay attention to topics that are mentioned in several articles or on several websites, since these topics are usually the most important ones. For example, if Google again updates one of its search algorithms, you will probably come across many articles about this particular update and its impact on search engine optimization techniques and technologies. Remember – if several different authors write about the same thing, then it is worth delving into that information.


Mastering SEO will take a lot of time. This is by no means the easiest field of activity, so be prepared for a long study of the theory and new terminology. But do not get desperate! Remember that even the best industry experts started with the level at which you are now. If the task does not look easy now, do not forget that persistent, patient study will eventually bring its results and put you on a par with the best experts in the SEO industry.



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