How To Easily Write WordPress Posts and Pages That Rank

How To Easily Write WordPress Posts and Pages That Rank
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Bloggers and website owners always need organic traffic.

This much depends on their content quality. A good content can bring a good number of visitors. Of course, there are some other things about SEO related with it.

 Our focus would be on the way of writing Posts and Pages That Rank. We are going to discuss in a serial manner.

A good topic:

choose a good topic of writing. No doubt, it should be a hot topic to get a crowd. Go through your topic of discussion. If you don’t have a good knowledge on that, the output would not be good enough. You can take help from internet.

Keyword selection:

keyword is the 40% for being in a good rank. You should ensure your keywords within H2 and H3 tag. Header tag is very important for a post.

Keyword Density:

This is very important for a post. You had to make sure that you are using the ideal keyword density. This means your keywords should appear after a certain amount of words. 2-5% is the ideal for all posts. This will help you to get a good rank on Google.

Image optimization:

This is an important part indeed. The images that you are using within your post must be optimized. One can do it by different method. Search the best one for you. You can take help from internet in this purpose.

Underlining the keywords:

you can underline your keywords within the post. If you use italic front of your post that would be great.

Get a target:

This is the most important part. You should to plan which traffic you are targeting. Do a keyword research based on those targets. For details, you may use Google Adwords.

It’s very competitive to get a rank easily. If you could ensure the above things, Google or any other search engines will rank you. A good rank could ensure a good number of visitors. So, try your best to rank the content. Otherwise your hard work would be worthless.

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