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How To Create Facebook Page In New Way 2022

How To Create Facebook Page In New Way 2022
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At present, Face book is the most popular social media marketing site for sharing opinion with friends and promoting business.

At first, it began for limited option like chatting, photo sharing and with some other options. But now Face book are giving an opportunity for its users to create a ‘Face Book Page’ for promoting business and increasing social activity. Users can ‘Like’ a page to follow its information and can share it’s with their friends. You can think a ‘Face Book Page’ as own business page. You can also earn Blogging and Affiliate income by using this site.


Now, I will share about how to create Face Book page.


You need a Face Book account to create a Face Book page. You can read our previous post about How To Create Face Book account Appropriately.

Follow our instruction step by step:

1. Create a Face Book account or log in into your account if you have existing account.

2. Visit this link…facebook.com/pages/create.php.

3. Click the ‘Create Page’ button that is located in the upper right hand corner of the page. You will see six different options to choose your best one. You can edit this later.

4. Now, click the ‘category’ option to select a category for your page.

5. Give your page’s name in the ‘Name Box’. You should choose short and sweet name that people will like to remember.

6. Now, click the ‘I agree to Face book Terms and Conditions’ button.

7. Click ‘Get Started’ button. Now, your page is ready to use.


Customize your Face Book page:



1. Admin Panel:

Only you will see this area or anyone if you give him the power to see this page as administrator. You can edit your page from here and manage settings also.

2. Cover image:

Click ‘Add a cover’ button and upload your photo from your computer. Your photo should be 851×350 Pixel sizes. You should use eye-catching image for better response.

3. Profile Picture:

You have to upload a small size picture for your profile picture. You will see the option on the upper left for upload it. You should use it as 180×180 Pixel size.

4. About Section:

Give your short and necessary information to introduce yourself to the new visitors. Here, you will be able to include your website link.

Get Advanced Facility:

1. Pin to the Top:

You can use this option to keep your any post at the top your post for long time. Anytime, you will be able to unpin it.

2. Highlight an Update:

You can highlight your update by this option.


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