How to choose nice blog name?

How to choose nice blog name?
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There are five simple steps to follow when choosing a nice blog name.

In this article, I shall describe about how to choose nice blog name.

           1.It must describe your blog:

It is really true that many of the visitors try to understand about your blog site only by blog name. If people come to your site called “How can I start blogging” and your blog site is actually based on “about blogging”, you may have better success only for this step. As a result visitors will be more likely to visit your blog


                              2) It must be easy to remember:

suppose your blog talks about make money online, blogging and affiliate marketing. You can choose the domain name called, “easy money blogs”, best affiliate products etc”. If you choose the difficult name, visitors will not be able to remember it easily. This is why, they will not visit your site next time.


                               3. Tell your friends or other nearest person on choosing your blog name:

Sometimes friends or other nearest person can help you to choose best name for your blog. My some friends helped me to choose the best name.


                               4. Try to choose a name that describes your business, company or keyword:

Choose a nice name that is memorable, easy to spell and include the name of your company or a popular keyword.


                               5. Research your same competitors:

You cannot copy your competitor’s blog name but you can take your idea to check out their blogs that are based on the same topic like yours.

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