How To Be Comfortable At Work

How To Be Comfortable At Work
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Being comfortable at work can have a raft of benefits and is something that can alter productivity, well being and a whole number of other things – here are some good tips.

In this article, I will write about how to be comfortable at work tips.

Avoid The Sexy Secretary Stereotype to be Comfortable at Work

Regardless of what Hollywood wants you to think, you do not have to find something sexy to wear when you want to climb the corporate ladder.  Doing this can actually backfire and you do not want that.  This means that you should leave the short skirts, spiked heels and low-cut necklines at home.  If you ever feel that someone will spend more time looking at your outfit instead of listening to what you have to say, you should look at wearing something else.

Do Not Underestimate The Importance Of Footwear

If you are able to spend 10 hours every day in 3-inch heels without ending the day with aching feet, you are amazing.  However, most women find that wear high heels will not only fatigue their feet but the ankles, knees, hips and lower back as well.  To avoid all of this pain, you should look at wearing shoes that comfortable at work like these Propet shoes – this allows you to stay pain-free, positive and productive throughout the day.  Many top designers have a range of comfortable work shoes that you can get, but any shoe with a low heel or no heel will do the trick.

Use Layers To Battle Unpredictable Office Temperatures

Anyone who has worked in an office will have complained about the air conditioner being either too high or too low at some point.  This is a common issue which is why you need to wear layers.  You can take a cardigan or blazer with you for when the air inside the office is similar to a refrigerator.  However, you should have short sleeves on for the times when the AC shuts off and you are left to swelter in the heat.

You need to be flexible with your outfit to cope with the temperature in the office.  Within a single day, you could go from freezing in the morning to boiling in the afternoon.  You might also find that a meeting room leaves you shivering, but your office is often too hot.  If you want to be productive, you need to be comfortable at work and temperature plays a large role in this.

Pay Attention To Dress Codes And Company Culture

Every office will have a dress code and your employee handbook should provide a detailed listing of this.  You need to follow the dress code if you want to show that you take your job seriously.  However, most offices will also have some unwritten rules that you need to adhere to.

You should look at what your co-workers are wearing to learn about these rules.  You should pay close attention to what your superiors are wearing.  Take note of whether everyone is dressing conservatively or if there is a more casual atmosphere.

If everyone is dressed casually, you will stick out if you are too stiff in what you are wearing.  You can show off your individuality in the workplace if you can clearly tell that it will be accepted as part of office culture.

Dress For The Job You Want

If you are looking for a promotion, you need to walk the walk.  You will need to take on more responsibility and accept more challenging projects as well as work well in teams and dress like you want to be there.  If you are wearing clothing that is more appropriate for home than the office, you are going to be sending the wrong message.  You will be telling everyone that you would rather be somewhere else and this will hamper your dreams of a promotion.

Look At Deep And Dark Colors

An office is generally a conservative environment and you need to consider this.  Men’s suits will generally be made with dark colors which allow a bit of personalization with the shirt color or tie.  Any career woman will need to mirror this classic style and you should look at wearing deep or dark colors with a splash of color from accessories.

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