Disadvantages of Technology in Human Life

Disadvantages of Technology in Human Life
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Modern technologies are one of the most important tools the humanity uses to solve global problems. The technologies affect our lives in a positive and negative way. There is no answer to the question of whether there are more advantages or disadvantages of technology in human life.

The technological revolution had started in the18th century up to the 19th century, but its peak was achieved only in the 20th century. The 20th century is called the era of informational technologies. The progress, achieved with the help of technologies, turned the world into the global net, where there are no boundaries in communication. As soon as the computers and the Internet had appeared, the communication with people from all over the world became much easier.

Today the modern technologies have caused a great progress and brought a contribution into the development era. There is no more need to visit the library or buy a book in order to find out a required data or write an essay. We have a precious opportunity to use search engines to answer the questions in case of knowledge deficiency and use other useful new apps or online resources, for example, like when you need writing my essays vikings.

But at the same time,the technologies are able to ruin our lives, which may lead to irreclaimable consequences for the humankind.

It is impossible to imagine our life without smartphones. Swedish neurosurgeon Leif Salford and his colleagues proved the fact that microwave radiation caused by smartphones lead to irreclaimable changes in the rats’ brains. Animals were exposed to the rays of smartphones during two hours and in 50 days were examined by the scientists. After examination, the group of researchers stated the fact that most of blood vessels and neurons were damaged. The higher the level of smartphone radiation was, the more serious the consequences of damaging were.

disadvantages of technology in human life

Radiation caused by mobile phones may affect not only brain neurons but also the quality of sperm. Hungarian scientist ImreFejes provided the experiment with 221 men, which took 13 months. Doctor Fejes discovered that the quantity of spermatozoon decreases in 3 times and the rest of ‘survived’ spermatozoon move chaotically. In scientists’ opinion, it decreases the chances for successful impregnation.
Thus, due to the results of multiple diverse experiments, the rays of smartphones affect brain activity, the processes in the organism, hearing, eyesight, thyroid functions and genito-urinary activity.

disadvantages of technology in human life

Another beneficial achievement of the modern technology in our life is artificial intelligence. But at the same time, robots and bots are weapons that may be used against humanity and bring harmful consequences to the world.

The Facebook leaders were forced to turn off the artificial intelligence system after the machines had started to communicate in their own language, which people didn’t understand.

These chatbots were created with a purpose to communicate with people, but later they started to communicate with each other. Firstly, they interacted in English, but later they started to text in a language in the process of a program developing.

The programmers admitted that robots didn’t have any restrictions in a language choice, that is the reason why they created their own language with the help of which they could communicate much faster and easier than in English.

The computer and technology experts were afraid that those bots could start to communicate really fast in their own language and it would be impossible to control them. That was the reason why IT-specialists turned off these bots. But the question about the safety of the artificial intelligence remains crucial for the mankind, and we have to remember that it may do harm alongside the weal.

The technological revolution affected all the spheres of our life. At home, we have microwaves, washing and dishwashing machines, and many another household equipment that helps us to make our life easier. But at the same time, due to the appearance of these appliances and mobile gadgets, people became lazy smartphone zombies and, as a result, work more slowly. All these factors lead to the obesity and the decrease of health state.

disadvantages of technology in human life

To sum up, the technological process has its advantages and disadvantages. But it is our own responsibility and choice to use it for the benefit of the mankind. But, at the same time, it may become a so-called boomerang for humanity by damaging our planet and ruining our life.

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