Google Panda Algo: What We Learned

Google Panda Algo: What We Learned
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For many site owners, algorithm updates add confusion is an already complex process. The good news is that there are a few, basic points that can be gleaned from the latest Google Panda update and used to simplify ongoing optimization efforts. With a basic understanding of how current and future changes will affect your site’s ability to rank well, you can implement a solid campaign that will provide impressive results over both the short and long-term.

Here , I will describe about Google Panda algorithm updates so that you can get clear idea about it.

Panda Is Now A Regular Part Of The Google Algorithm

Google’s algorithm and Panda are now inextricably linked. Thus, Panda will have a constant impact on how your site performs going forward. However, the effects of this impact will not be seen in real time. Although Panda is a part of the core algorithm for determining placement on search results pages, Panda rankings are refreshed separately from the core algo and more frequently. In addition to adapting to this, you’ll also need to stay up to date with Panda-related changes that Google has yet to roll out. As ever, nothing is entirely set in stone.

The Need For Quality Never Changes

You may be wondering what to make of these developments given that the Google algorithm and its new Panda partner are virtually guaranteed to remain in a state of flux. The easiest way to adapt your pages to these updates, irrespective of when they come or what their focus may be is to make providing quality your foremost priority. In short, Google is working hard to make it more difficult for site owners to take shortcuts, benefit from black hat SEO and get by with poorly implemented and badly managed campaigns. You have to make sure that your site is attracting the right people and that these individuals are able to easily find the type of high-value information they need.

Content Auditing

Content needs to be fresh, relevant and layered with information that people actually want. This is vital for keeping bounce rates to a minimum or ensuring that visitors aren’t immediately leaving your pages to look for more appropriate search results. Content should be audited regularly to ensure timeliness and relevance and to expand upon posts that are weak, thin or lacking sufficient value.

Recovering From Panda

A good Panda recovery doesn’t necessarily entail the widespread removal of content from your site. Before you start purging old posts, do some research to determine how your existing content is perceived by Google? Updating and improving old posts while adding new ones is often a far more effective recovery tactic than scrapping everything and starting anew. There is also the option of rolling quality content to more topic-specific pages where it can provide better value to site visitors. The most important thing to remember in your recovery efforts is that good SEO always takes time. With algorithm and Panda refreshes happening separately, you’ll need a few weeks to clearly see exactly where your site stands. Moreover, as forthcoming Panda updates are rolled out, you may even need to extend your -atience a bit in order to accurately gauge the new effects of these.

The Need for A Well-Defined SEO Plan

One sure thing to note is that SEO is no longer about stuffing keywords into titles, tags and paragraphs. You have to go beyond establishing a solid and organic link profile. These new changes are all about meeting real consumer needs and they certainly don’t make the optimization process any less complex. There is no “set it and forget it” solution. Now, business owners must use these changes as an opportunity to better identify with and understand their clients. Then they must learn how to translate this understanding into better and more valuable site content.


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