Getting Paid For Sharing Deals

Getting Paid For Sharing Deals
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How sweet does it sound for you to be able to earn money online just sharing deals? You won’t have to go beyond your usual routine online by visiting Facebook, Twitter. Instagram and your favorite social media networks. You won’t be doing a lot of work, just share amazing, unbelievable and rock-bottom deals on DealsVote to win yourself a good amount of money online.

Here, I will discuss how to get paid for sharing deals.

Start looking through Amazon, Walmart, Costco, Target or any of the other big retailers, when you find a deal you think anyone can’t resist, just submit at DealsVote. Let’s share a secret of our regular winners; they don’t just submit deals, they also spread it all over their social media. By sharing on Facebook, Quora, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you can attract votes to your shared deals. The higher your votes in a week, the higher the Amazon Gift Cards you are likely to win that week.

For 50 votes, you’ll get a $5 Gift card. For 100 and 200 votes, you’ll get a $10 and $20 Amazon Gift Card respectively in the first week. That’s the reward for sharing awesome deals with others. Easy and simple right? You are practically getting paid for doing a little or nothing every week. Put in your efforts every week as you can win only a single Amazon Gift Card in a week.

There are no hidden requirements, just be in the United States and share deals in the DealsVote Community. It’s about time you earn money online sharing deals.

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