Eco-Friendly Tips That Can Save Your Business Money In 2022

Eco-Friendly Tips That Can Save Your Business Money In 2022
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The word “green” has more than one meaning for businesses. Of course, it’s trendy today for businesses to talk about “going green,” as in they’re taking steps to make operations more environmentally friendly.

Although your business may be conscientious about your ecological footprint, your primary concern is likely focused on the other meaning of “green,” as in money.

Fortunately, when it comes to taking steps to make your business more ecologically responsible, “going greener” can mean both things at the same time that resulted to save your business money.

This can happen because many of the most common steps businesses take to become eco-friendlier also can help them improve their profit margins. After all, cutting down on energy usage and conserving resources is what becoming more efficient is all about. Sustainability can also make a big positive impact on a business’s expenses — making it leaner.

For example, something as seemingly insignificant as installing programmable thermostats in offices and other facilities can reduce energy costs by keeping HVAC systems turned off when they’re not needed. Likewise, putting lights on timers or motion detectors can help prevent energy from being wasted by lighting that’s left on when no one needs it. Replacing old light bulbs with energy-efficient CFL or LED light bulbs also reduces the amount of energy a business needs to use.

Other small steps that can add up to big differences include using both sides of the page when making copies, which decreases the amount of paper an office wastes. This helps slow deforestation while cutting down on a business’s office supply expenditures. Offices also should consider switching their equipment to ENERGY STAR-rated models. Using the low-power sleep modes on their equipment can conserve energy and finances.

When a business takes steps to become more energy efficient, it becomes greener in more ways than one. If you’re interested in making your business more energy efficient and profitable and want to save your business money, review the following checklist for some simple tips.

Created by Earthwise Environmental, a provider of water treatment systems.
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