Blogging on the Go with Your Mobile Device

Blogging on the Go with Your Mobile Device
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Have you grown annoyed of not being able to carry your laptop everywhere you go? Sure, you could wait a while to get back home and use your laptop to update your blog but likely there are times when you wish you could just publish them on the go. You will be glad to know that it is possible to do so.

Thank your mobile device.

Many professionals use smartphones to get their work done quickly. For instance, they can download magazines, email documents on the go, and browse the internet as applicable to their work.However, the use has been extended over time to bloggers.

That, along with the growing adoption of mobile devices, is making blogging from a mobile device more valuable and convenient than ever. Therefore, you don’t have to remain chained to your laptop any longer to get your word out on the web.

Getting Started

When you adopt this approach, you’d be likely storing most of your blogging related data on your handset. For instance, you’d be downloading or capturing images to upload to your blog, or collaborating with writers for their input via WhatsApp and other similar applications if you run a multi-author blog.

Note that mobile devices, like PCs and laptops, are prone to viruses, so you’d have to install anti-virus software and take emergency precautions. Data recovery service can also be considered as one of the options in case you end up losing your data despite installing anti-virus apps. Vendors that provide such services can send specialists to your location to collect the contents of the device or you could mail-in your handset. Top mobile data recovery specialists are capable of retrieving images, web browsing history, documents, and more.

That settled, here’s how to blog using your mobile device.

  1. Use WordPress for iOS

WordPress for iOS and Android does well to streamline the bloated process of PC publishing by enabling you to post images, videos and text from your device straight. However, formatting that HTML text could be a hassle, so it’s best to keep it simple when writing copy from your mobile device. WordPress for iOS and Android works best in those instances where you need to share something quick with your readers rather than for writing long-form blog posts. Other platforms like WIX also offer mobile apps that can be used for the same purpose.

  1. Google Docs Is Also an Option

While most people prefer using a blogging app to compose their text posts, it is not the best of options when it comes to integration with other platforms. Google Docs, on the other hand, backs up whatever you write and also integrates seamlessly with other platforms. Moreover, you can add the team members with solid proofreading skills to your document. Google Docs provides collaboration features to get a second set of eyes to scan through the parts you’re unsure of.

  1. CoveritLive for Event Blogging

This app allows several blogging professionals to collaborate, in real time, on a blog at any time and from any location in the world. CoveritLIve essentially embeds a live chart on the platform you’re using to blog. In addition, the app allows users to post a live feed on Twitter, enabling them to cover both their blog and social media base.

Consider these measures to blog on the go whenever you feel the need.  


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