Benefits Of Social Media Marketing For Blogging And Small Business

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing For Blogging And Small Business
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The social media has helped in creating more wonders and opportunities for everyone, and businessmen and women are no exceptions to that. In today’s generation where social media has been on the roll, businesses have taken advantage of that by using it by all means to promote.

There are lots of ways that can be done to have the success and growth of businesses; the possibilities are endless with social media. To know more about this topic, here are some benefits of using social media for their businesses.

  1. Increase traffic to your website

A company website is essential since it is your customer’s go-to when they are interested in something related to your products or services. When you use social media for promotion purposes, it helps in increasing traffic to your website. Social media posts will usually be directing to your website so more people can learn about it. One way to increase traffic is to have influential people linked to your site and contents.

Take, for example; you’re running a small business related to health and fitness; you need to have influential people in your niche, like those icons who are known for their fitness and health stories. They can share some articles for you, and that alone is enough to gather other people’s attention, thus, increasing your site’s traffic.

  1. You’ll learn about your audience

One vital move in the business industry is to know your target audience. That alone is a huge factor for success. With the help of social media, this can become easier since you will be able to get to know more about your audience. Information such as languages spoken, age, gender, and much more can be learned and can be used for future campaigns and product offerings.

You can try observing the interests of your loyal audiences by checking their social media activity, their likes, comments, and all that. That’s one way for you to know what your audience cares about. For example, most of your audience are into a financial niche; you can have the idea to start creating contents that include financial topics so that it will spark their interest.

  1. Expand audience and find new customers

Social media can help you find new customers and expand your audience. There are sites which can allow you to locate current customers and find new ones, just like Twitter. For example, you’re opening a new coffee shop; you can do a geo search to reach out to locate customers and invite them to try your products. It also helps if you focus on 2Qs — Quality and Quantity. You’ll be able to retain your audience and gather more if you post several times a week, with contents which are excellent both quality and quantity-wise. You can try breaking long and complicated articles into smaller ones and post them simultaneously on your site so that your audience can be compelled to read and wait for the next posts.

  1. Your search ranking goes higher

Through various social networking sites, you can improve your search ranking especially if your posts or posts about your business would go viral or have many likes, comments, and shares. A higher search ranking in Google can mean more exposure for your site, more attention from the audience, and possibly more income. The effective use of links can do wonders for your business website and its search ranking. You can benchmark from your competitors by observing and repeating what they are doing, especially if it is noticeably effective.

Also, create content that is compelling and are directly related to your business. Keep your audiences engaged with engaging content and rest assured; they’ll keep coming back for more, and would even do so much as to recommend your sites to others.

  1. Faster and easier content sharing

Before social media has been popularised, businesses had to find ways in ensuring that their contents can reach their customers as quickly as possible. With today’s technology and with the aid of social media, it has become an easy task — businesses can share their contents faster and easier without worrying that people won’t be able to see them by simply posting business-related contents to your company sites and social media accounts. You just have to make sure that the contents of your business’ social media accounts are aligned to your brand or products and the audiences’ interest as well.

For faster content sharing, you can try HootSuiteHootlet. It is a popular extension offered by Google Chrome browser, which allows sharing and scheduling of content way easier than other ways. It has easy features and even lets you Auto-schedule your posts, and the extension would post your contents for you at a particular time.

  1. Generating leads become easier

Since you can increase your website’s traffic, you can already put that to good use by generating it into leads. Every post in your blog can be used as an opportunity for a new lead, a ‘call-to-action’ which means anything that would make the audience willing to exchange their information. For example, a calls-to-action lead like free stuff can redirect the one visiting your site to a form which needs to be filled up with their information. Once they complete filling up the form, submit the information, and receive the freebies, it would mean a new lead for you and your team.

There are also several ways that you can try on your website to capture more leads. You can try Hello Bar, a subtle way of promoting a certain product and helps in capturing leads. Or you can choose Sidebar Opt-in, which is the most common among business sites for getting leads. These are eye-catching forms that are usually situated at the side part of your website. It catches the attention of visitors, making them sign up or subscribe to your future posts.

These are just a few of the countless of benefits you can get from using social media to improve your business blog. There are still more benefits that you can get when you put social media to good use for your business, all you have to do is to do some research on this topic.

If you don’t have a site yet or are planning to have one soon, you can start a blog and put all these tips into good use, and you can be assured that your business will be on the right track.

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