8 Reasons Why You are Not Getting Search Engine Traffic

8 Reasons Why You are Not Getting Search Engine Traffic
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Blogging has always targeted traffic. If you don’t get that you would be frustrated.

There are varieties of reasons, that’s why it occurs. Your blog analytics can show you how the traffic dropped down. But there wouldn’t be shown any reason. Less traffic can be compared with a bookshelf where books have no use.

We are going to focus the reasons of not getting much traffic.

1. Starting period:

Don’t expect a huge crowd at initial stage. Have patience. Increase the number of posts. Follow all the rules to get traffic. Step by step your visitor’s to the blog will increase.

2. Headlines factors:

there are some basic principles for writing headlines. One should follow this before starting. This is very important to attract the readers. Also, it influences the content of your post. So, ensure the best one which match with your writing.

3. Continuation of posts:

you should post in a regular manner. Irregular posting will pull you down in rank. You will lose the regular visitors.

4. Poor search engine optimization:

poor search engine optimization will lead to less numbers of visitors. So make sure that you are doing the right optimization for your blog.

5. Poor content:

Your content bears about 40% responsibility for getting traffic. Try to maintain the uniqueness. Be detailed on your writing. And the most important thing is, don’t be a copycat.

6. Focus on your work:

Try to give focus on your work. Think about the topic. Rate your writing and the site as a reader. Try to find out the faults and solve them.

7. Not to be commercial:

Don’t be so much commercial on your blog. Try to give your readers what they want. Your income would not to be a show off here.

8. Social media platforms:

social media platform can be a great thing for getting visitors. But keep one thing in mind. If you become more disturbing on these platforms, the result may be reversible.

Follow all these things; surely there would be a miracle. Your hard work and good strategy will bring a huge traffic to your blog.

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