8 Real Ways To Increase Your Fans And followers

8 Real Ways To Increase Your Fans And followers
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Social media is very powerful tool, which can bring a huge role in your marketing strategy.

Social benefits are well documented – how many ways can you think of to establish your brand, drive your traffic and boost your sales, all without spending any penny?

In order to build social media as an effective and lead generation machine, at first you need to generate a following — fans for your Face book like page, followers for your Twitter account and LinkedIn company page etc.


The more fans and followers can increase your business health and income. If you want to increase your friends and followers for lead generation, you should take some steps to increase your fans and followers.


8 Ways to Attract More Social Media Fans and Followers


  1. Optimize Your Social Presence:

First and foremost, you have to make sure that your presence is optimized. You have to make sure about your profiles that your social media accounts are completed. You should keep your business description, company logo and website URL clear. Remember now that social media updates are calculated in search results, and be careful that you’re also optimizing your Face book post, Twitter tweets and LinkedIn updates with right keywords for your business, which could help you to increase your Fans and Followers.


    2. Your Social Presence Everywhere:

You should spread up your social presence in everywhere. You can keep it in your website, blog or with your e-mail marketing massage. Some social media sites now have official ‘follow’ buttons that you can include on your website and blog. If not, you can create this button for linking it to your social media account. For example, Twitter offers to create you official follow button that help your site visitors to become a Twitter follower with just one click!


 3.  Share Useful, Valuable Content:

It’s not just enough to increase your presence. You need to make your presence valuable to your followers.   Be sure that your Face book posts, Twitter tweets and LinkedIn updates consist of valuable information, useful subject, and engaging content. Try to avoid product-focused content, but write educational content that help you to attract more fans and followers.



4.  Add Social Sharing Buttons to All Your Content:

Add social sharing buttons in your website or blog for all contents. You can also add e-mail subscriber form to share your content. If your visitor likes any content or page, they will like to share it with their friends. If their any friends like it, they will like to share it with their friends. Thus, your Fans and Followers will increase very quickly.


5.  Use multiple social networks to promote yourself:

You should use multiple social networking sites to promote yourself. You can encourage your followers who follow you in one network to follow you in another network.


6. Interact With Fans and Followers:

Always you should share educational information and quality based content. You should also observe your presence and interacting with your fans and followers. Ask questions, to engage them, and participate in discussions with them to increase your presence.



7. Follow other users whose content is relevant to yours:

If you are a health blogger, you should follow others health blogger. They will follow you because of being similar with them. This method will help you to increase your Fans and Followers very quickly.


8. Offer Incentives for New Fans/Followers:

It is the reliable and must-follow way to increase your Fans and Followers. About 58% Face book users find exclusive offers from business pages. You can create a Face book contest and give them a requirement to ‘Like’ your page for joining this contest. Thus, you can create another contest to increase your Twitter followers.

Remember, if you have thousands of Fans and Followers, you may earn more money from your business, Google Ad sense or Affiliate Marketing sites.


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