7 Proven Ways to Make Money by Blogging in 2022 (updated)

7 Proven Ways to Make Money by Blogging in 2022 (updated)
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Making money in a single night via blogging or any other means is definitely not possible. Due to the ongoing pandemic and lockdown, people are in search of the ways to make money by being at home, obviously quicker than ever. This concept is dragging people towards blogging; however blogging has never been a technique to make money faster.

You may start a blog today and leave it after someday due to the same tactics and procedure which can make any person bore easily, if he has never been in to blogging. What I personally have always believed is that the blogging is one of those tasks which ask for your time and patience. Apart from this, blogging is one of the most profitable businesses. 

Blogging may take from 6 months to 2 years. It is an amazing side option for those who are hustling 24/7 to make money in a short period of time. Or those who are unemployed due to the lockdown of COVID-19 and have some hands on skills for blogging.

Jokes apart, you can make up to seven digits salary in a year because blogging is a canonical way to make a good amount of money via working online. Following are the 7 proven ways to make money via blogging in 2022.

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Consulting and Coaching:

One of the very basic ways to make money is to go with the option of consulting and coaching. You can enhance your skills slowly and then go with the selling your services, or any of your software. Here the most important thing is to find your skill set and then using it particularly to make money. You can consult the companies on the basis of hours, or you may go with the logo designing. You can also give the consultation for copy writing and content blogging for the brands and companies.

Blog Advertisements:

Another proven ways to make money via blogging is displaying the advertisement spaces. It pays a very small amount in return in the beginning because it is easy. Online advertisements can be in the form of banner, buttons, text links and they can easily be fixed in the header or in navigation-bar. But trust me, due to such ads, people get annoy. To use the online ads is not an amazing idea to make money but still PPC, CPC and CPM are in use to gain the audience and money, both!

Sponsored Content:

Those who are in search of making money via blogging, they can head to the option of sponsored content. It is when company pays you a fee for writing them an article, either it is about them or about the services which they offer. It helps in engaging the relationship between a blogger and an advertiser. You must recognize the products and companies that fit your writing style and passion and get started with it.

Physical Products:

If you have started the blog right away and don’t want to get in the physical product then you can go with the drop shipping of your products. This also helps in making money in the blogging today. If you are thinking what drop shipping is, then here you go. It is a model of business, here you do not need an inventory and you can run an online store which can include costumes, women’s wear, cosmetics and many more.

Affiliate Marketing:

With the help of affiliate marketing and affiliated programs, you can help another company in promoting and marketing their business. It is also another way of making money via blogging which is being highly used by a lot of bloggers. It uses two main methods; CPL (cost per lead) and CPA (cost per action) which are the best options for the bloggers of beginner level.

Digital Products:

To make money via blogging, you can also build your level up in your own digital products rather than selling the products of someone else by doing affiliate marketing. There are 4 types of digital products; E-books, online courses, virtual summits and software.

Public speaking:

Public speaking is easiest if you are good at speaking. Some well-known speakers charge up to $100,000 for a conference. Being a speaker is not easy as well. You have to speak and win the audience to increase your following. You can also speak for the topics of your blogs.

Blogging is not easy task at all. You have to sit in front of the laptop or the PC for hours and you can spend your whole day without combing your hair. You can try luck and get a mixture of all mentioned 7 ways. Being dependent on a single source is a path to welcome a failure, so be passionate if you are getting into blogging. It will take time but will pay you more than your expectations!


Erica Cohen is a content writer. She writes on blogging and academic writing problems of students. She works at content writing Company in the United Kingdom. She has been working in this academic writing industry since 2016.

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