6 Top Trends That Will Define Blogging

6 Top Trends That Will Define Blogging
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Blogging has evolved as one of the most popular new media tool to educate people, engage leads or promote an idea. Whatever your purpose of blogging is, this powerful tool has the potential to increase your online visibility and scale your brand.

However, blogging keeps changing with time. But this is also something that makes it an interesting thing as people are able to learn the changing trends of this marketing tool.2018 is going to say goodbye in a few months and we will be welcoming the New Year soon.

So as the number of year changes on our calendar, we need to find out some of the blogging trends that will make an impact:

1.     Vlogging

We all love being shot in camera, don’t we? For bloggers, it is a new way to interact with their followers. According to eMarketer, the number of digital video viewers has increased by 87% in a time span of four years (2012-2016).The figures itself shows the power of vlogging and its potential as a blogging tool.

Pew Die Pie, Casey Neistat, and David Dorik are some of the famous vloggers who got phenomenal popularity after they took up vlogging tool.Some of them even got a following in millions.

In other words, it is free publicity that will not only grow your popularity but will also increase the traffic of your blog.The increasing role of vlogging suggests that it will continue to enjoy the popularity in the coming year as well.

2.     Live Streaming

Just as video blogs catch more eyes, live videos catch the attention of more people. The big reason behind the exceptional growth of this new blogging technique is its ability to engage the viewers in a real-time environment where they feel part of your brand.

According to a survey published on Statista, 20% live videos were shared through social media in the third quarter of 2016 and it reached up to 28% by the second quarter of 2017.

On the other hand, the same source reports that Facebook Live (17%) is the most frequently used platform for live streaming among the American users followed by YouTube (16%), and Live Stories (12%).

The rising trend of live streaming validates its role as an effective blogging tool and it goes without saying that it will continue to top the blogging trends in 2019.

3.     Long-Form Articles

The 500-word article would not generate the same results as a 1000-word article would. As the digital media evolves, the blogging becomes a primary source for the people to find information and it includes the professionals and experts who can’t do with the just basic information. Besides, Google prefers ranking articles that are higher in word count.

According to Curata, the longer posts produce nine times more leads than shorter articles which reinforce the fact that lengthy articles do generate better results.So as you proceed to 2018, make sure that word count of your articles increases as well, preferably to more than 1000 words.

4.     Visual Content

When it comes to blogging, there can’t be a better technique than using visuals in your articles. Visual content like photos, graphic illustrations, and other graphic elements can actually make more people like your blog and help generate higher traffic. It has worked for the online business and the assignment writing services.

Besides, visual content suits the shorter attention span of online readers who prefer scanning information than reading it. Based on a report by Brain Rules:

If someone read information, they will retain only 10% of that information in their memory. On the other hand, if some visual content is integrated with that information then it increases the memory retention by 65%.

To sum up,

When you add visuals to your blog, it not only spices up your blog but also increases the retention of information in the memory of the readers. Therefore, you should add more visuals to your content if you want more people to remember it for a longer time.

5.     Storytelling

A study by One Spot shares that messages with stories retain 22 times longer in the memory than plain text.And there is a science-backed fact behind this trend.

We are psychologically inclined more towards storytelling as it helps us create mental images of a topic. And since anything that has a visual connect creates a profound effect on our memory, it tends to stay longer in the memory of readers.

The magic of storytelling has worked for the writers in the past, it is working for the bloggers in today’s era and it is going to work in the future as well.

6.     Social Sharing

Social media is a big world where bloggers express their ideas, voice opinions, and share their write-ups on hot topics.A survey by Social Marketing Writing reveals that social sharing is instrumental in reinforcing credibility in your blog.

When you share your blog on social media and if it gets shared by the users, it generates a sense of trust in you as a blogger and more people want to associate with you. The growing influence of social media has led more people to share their articles on social media and the trend will grow even more in the next year.

Final Words…

2018 was a good year for the bloggers and we hope that 2019 will add more value to their blogging. To keep succeeding in your blogging in the coming year, you need to remember the aforementioned trends in mind.

Author Bio

Margaret Jones is a blogger, social media strategist, and an educator. She is an accomplished blogger who likes to write articles on varied topics related to digital marketing. In addition, she is an educator who likes to assist students in their papers. She is a fan of short stories and likes to read sci-fi books.

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